Boat Bassheads 225 In Ear Wired Earphones Review

boat Bassheads 225 launch date is 1 January 2017. These Boat Bassheads 225 Specifications have 3.5mm jack devices and 10m drive sizes. The Boat Bassheads 225 has 16Ohms of impedance, a 20-20,000Hz frequency response range, and a sensitivity rating of 92dB.

Boat bassheads 225 Specifications

If you are looking for an affordable price and the best quality earphone then you have come across the Bassheads 225 considering the price of rupees 599. 

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These earphones are priced between 500 to 700 depending upon if there is any discount or sale going on you can get them for as low as rupees 599. At this price, the build quality is really decent. Low price and good quality helped the Bassheads 225 gain popularity in this segment.

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Boat Bassheads 225 Specifications

In the Box, you get earphones and four pairs of your tips with one pair of wingtips and one skip which can be used to keep the earphones to your shirt nice addition. One small booklet which has a little technical info about the earphones and boat Bassheads 225 1-year warranty card.

The Bassheads 225 headphones are available in Seven colors is Black, White, Silver, Green, Darkorange, Olivedrab, and Red giving users a lot of options to choose from. I had boat Bassheads 225 black version, which has a black cable and black highlights on the driver chambers.

Boat bassheads 225 Specifications

It has a 1.2m flat cable. Flat type cable makes the earphone somewhat tangle-free but it is very easy to remove tangles. The wire won’t break this made good quality of rubber but I won’t really stretch it with any type of force.

boat Bassheads 225 with mics also made of a very strong plastic majority of your phone is made of metal and feels good in the hand. The part which goes inside the ear is made of plastic which is a good thing as plastic doesn’t get too hot or too cold.

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boat Bassheads 225 driver size has opted for 10mm and 20Hz – 20KHzfrequency range. These earphones also have an impedance of 16 Ohms and a sensitivity rating of 92dB.

Boat Bassheads 225: Performance

Let’s talk about the comfortability of these bases very useful for everyone. Bassheads 225 after using the smallest pair of ear tips it was still flipping out of my ear. I change the ear tip to the smallest one as it fits perfectly in my ear.

While I slight walking or slight movement and I did try to secure it properly inside my ear this issue can be easily fixed by both. If you use the wing tip provided in the box then it secures for your ear.

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It becomes something which you will have to carry every day. Keep it safely so you won’t lose it too but yes after using wingtip it will be secured in your ear.

Boat bassheads 225 Specifications

It is coming back to the sound quality or the extra base it does have a very good base but it’s not overwhelming. This is really good as it can be enjoyed by baseheads as well as a regular listener.

That’s the plus point of this particular Earphone you listen to acoustic songs with singers like a g-string then the sound quality is good. As soon as you shift to bass-heavy songs it produces that really good bass.

These are surely shifted towards the base separation between mids and highs is OK and not great for the price of rookie standard I can’t really complain much right.

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For the calls the microphone is super fine you will not face any type of issues. The microphone or this particular thing has a button that can be used to receive the caller cut the caller. You can even use that particular button to pause the music or to play the music.

Boat Bassheads 225: Verdict

Bassheads 225 is a very affordable and the best quality earphone, Excellent build quality, Bundled ear hooks and the low price make it accessible to gain wide audience popularity. If you love to hear loud and clear bases songs then you must choose this gadget.

Excellent build quality, Bundled ear hooks, Can get loud bass to impress you to buy Bassheads 225. boat Bassheads 225 price in India 549 rupees.  If your budget 500-700 rupees then I recommend you to buy these gadgets and enjoy your favorite singer song smoothly.

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Super Extra bass
  • Build Quality
  • Better Performance
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boAt Bassheads 225

I noticed in the early few months, quality overall was great. But it's still good. Noise cancellation is good and noticeable by a person on another side.

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Sound Quality
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