boAt Rockerz 255 Pro in-Ear Bluetooth Neckband Earphone Review

boAt rockerz 255 pro: Description

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro review launch date on 17 December 2019. Clear Voice Capture technology ensures you a super-calling experience. Fast Charging Technology gives you a better lifestyle which means you can fully charge it in only 1 hour. The neckband-style wireless earphones will be available in three colors – Active Black, Navy Blue, and Teal Green.

boAt rockerz 255 pro Review

boAt rockerz 255 pro Specification

So here in the packet, the first thing is the contents you get small medium large ear tips, extra ear tips for a precise fit. Another thing we get is the USB cable to charge these earphones. And also some product catalog user manual and warranty cards.

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro

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boAt Rockerz 335

The Boat Rockerz 255 pro review is available in Four colors is Teal, Goldenrod, Red, and MidnightBlue giving users a lot of options to choose from. I had the Teal version, which has a Teal cable, and a Teal driver box.

boAt rockerz 255 pro Review

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So coming down to the features of these earphones its has Bluetooth 5.0. Which has a decent range of 10 meters.
And we also have an IPx5 rating which means it can resist water, sweat, and splashes. So you can use this in your workout and without worrying about water seeping into them.

The inline mic on this is just decent. So next up we have the battery which is 110 milliamp-hour. You also charge these earphones twice a day if you’re a heavy user.

boAt rockerz 255 pro: Performance

boAt rockerz 255 pro included the fast charging is something like this that you get four hours of playback if you charge only for 20 minutes. The earphones rest on your neck so it doesn’t put so much weight into your ears and it doesn’t feel like you are hanging rocks on your ears.

If you worry about For comfort the earbuds themselves are very comfortable I can easily listen to these all day long and just like the board rockers 255 the normal version. You also have the moveable hooks which make sure that there doesn’t come out that easily.

boAt rockerz 255 pro Review

When you are not listening to these earphones you can also bind them together with the help of magnets which are provided in the earbuds. Although there is a missing feature here which is the auto-pause when you hook them together. The magnetic earbuds should pause this play pause the song automatically.

Now come to the build quality they are solid as well we have metal earbuds and flat cable and even by holding the earphones into your hand. We have a lot of features in this device. First of all, it’s a Qualcomm 3003 chip with Bluetooth 5.0 which is a huge upgrade from the known pro model.

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This also brings low latency and better audio quality. Although latency is not that huge that you can use it for gaming like for Free Fire or any gaming but for media playback for watching videos, it’s good.

The boAt has an IPx5 water rating which is provided in these earphones which means that this can easily handle some water splashes and sweat. Noise cancellation is provided for the calling.

However, it’s definitely worth considering similarly priced options such as the Realme Buds neo, and if you can increase your budget to around Rs. 4,000, the JVC HA-A10T remains our top pick among budgets friendly true wireless earphones.

It also has fast charging which is an upgrade from the previous version with fast charging. You are able to charge the battery which is 110 milliamp power in one or three minutes. After that, I got around 5 hours of playback at 70% of volume which is a decent playback for these earphones.

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We have inline buttons to control. The media playback and for volume control as well which is important and there is also an inline mic that can be used to take calls. These are fantastic sounding earphones and just like the rockerz 255 the known premortal.

boAt rockerz 255 pro: Verdict

Rockerz 255 pro is one of the best budgets friendly and affordable earphones that also included a rechargeable battery, 6hours battery life, also have IPx5 water resistance, and many other options that give your busy life enjoyable feelings.

So that’s why I prefer you to check out these gadgets for your daily activities and it’s very reasonable the earphones are priced at 1499 rupees. If you don’t like that expensive bass then you should look for something else like the real Birds Wireless or the QC by D5 which is also true wireless earphones for a little extra money.

  • Powerful HD Sound
  • CVC noise cancellation
  • Lightweight design & secure fit
  • IPX5 water & sweat resistance
  • Audio lag during gaming
  • Noise cancellation is bad during calls.
9 Total Score
boAt rockerz 255 pro

These earphones are unreliable, I bought them for 15 days meanwhile right-side earbuds got cracked automatically and it got divided into two parts, and the sound quality is also not that much good but ok, one more thing bass is not good as it is a boat earphones.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
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