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boat rockerz 550: Description

The Boat another good news for their fan that they have launched boAt Rockerz 550 Over-Ear Wireless Headphone in August 2020. If you are a fan of boAt then here is boAt Already gives us so many accessories like headphones, earphones, earbuds. But this one is so special from boAt.

boAt rockerz 550

This new boAt Rockerz 550 is pretty decent in looks and design-wise and performance as well. All of these are made with several interesting features at reasonable prices.

boat rockerz 550: Design and Specification

In the box included boat rockerz 550, the ear tips, one small micro USB cable to charge these earphones, some user manuals, product catalog.

The Boat Rockerz 550 is available in Five colors are Black, Maroon, DarkGreen, Red, Orange, and Red giving users a lot of options to choose from. I had the Red version, which has Red earcups.

boAt rockerz 550

So coming down to the features of these earphones we have Bluetooth 5.0. Which has a range of 10 meters. The driver size is 50 mm It has a 500 mah battery.

boat rockerz 550: Performance

The headphone look bigger immediately the quality of these headphones is really impressive. The fit and finish are good and they have given leather stitches for the top of the headphone. It’s very soft the quality of the leather is very premium.

Now come to the boat rockerz 550 specifications, it has 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity which means the range will be better you can take it up to uh 10 meters or 32 feet. Then the driver size is 50 mm when compared to the mi superb. I think it is having 40 mm.

boAt rockerz 550

The battery is 500 mah so for my kind of usage I will just charge once a week. It’s over the headphones so I think you won’t feel the pressure in your ear cups. Apart from the headphone, this box contains a USB charger and audio jack.

They have given some kind of texture graphics on the ear cups backside of the haircut that’s added to the premium feel and it’s really looking nice. The earcups are very soft I think they won’t add any pressure to your ear and if you are using them for a long time it will be good.

So the earcups are tileable and it’s turnable also you can turn it like a 90-degree maximum. But it is not foldable so if you are having a headphone case it’s very difficult to fit this inside. The button placement is very straightforward in this there’s no complexity.

boAt rockerz 550

It has only two buttons one is for power and another is for volume up and down and everything is placed on the right side of the ear cup.

If you come to the bottom you’ll have aux input the charging port and again as I said everything is on the right side of the ear cup. There will be a couple of led lights as indicators and on the left side of the ear cup pretty much there is nothing.

Inside the box, you will be having an aux connector so you can use it as a phone as a wired one also. Then there is a very small micro USB charger actually this is literally very small it will be hardly less than a feed.

boat rockerz 550: Verdict

Then if you just ran out of battery you can use this headphone as a wired headphone also. If you prefer these are a 500 mAh Battery, Soft Ear Cushions, True HD audio, Physical Noise isolation, an In-built mic for Hands-free calls, One-touch voice assistant support In-line button controls, Latest Bt v5.0 then it’s for you. boat rockerz 550 also gives you a reasonable and budgets friendly price just 1999 rupees.

It also has Dual-mode connectivity Bluetooth+AUX cable. So You can just use this aux cable by connecting it here the pin of this aux cable is not trrs it is trs. This means you cannot use the microphone when using the headphone as a wired one.

boAt rockerz 550

So that you have to get a trr cable separately or you have to get an aux cable with a microphone you to use the microphone. However, if you’re interested to spend a little bit more money, then I suggest you buy the Galaxy Buds Plus Fit headset does offer better audio quality than the Realme Buds pro.

9 Total Score
boAt rockerz 550

The boAt Rockerz 550 is a pain to wear, both literally and figuratively. The audio sounds horrible, and your ears will feel horrible too after an hour of use, maybe less.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
  • Powerful HD Sound
  • Easy Access Controls
  • Built-in Mic
  • Voice Assistants Support
  • Audio lag during gaming
  • Noise cancellation is bad during calls.
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