Realme Buds Air Review

Realme Buds Air: Description

The Realme Buds Air TWS earbuds come in with wireless charging, a dynamic and decent sound quality, and a low-latency gaming mode and LED indicator for connection and battery life. They offer Good design, USB Type-C, and Qi wireless charging, Quick and stable connectivity, Strong bass, and also premium features touch controls in this low price segment at 3999 rupees;

realme buds air

All of these features make Realme Buds Air a lucrative choice and popular for a large number of young users who want stylish-looking and premium feature tech products.

Realme Buds Air: Design and Specification

You open you get the Realme Buds Air with its charging case you also get a type-c charging cable and the user manual is present as well. The functionality’s really easy to open with one hand and the top cover feels really good. In this case, you can find  LED light here in the front.

You have to open the top plate to see the earphones placed inside the charging ports. These cases have a magnetic lock in place so you just need to place the parts and it will lock in place. This case is very modern and comes with a type C port.

realme buds air

Realme buds air is available in Three colors is Yellow, Black, and White. They give users options to choose from.
I had the Yellow version, which has a Yellow charger box.

Next, let’s take a look at the earphones now the earphones are also completely plastic make and they have this efn design which is great. Now, these also are Bluetooth version v5.0. So that means when you’re watching a video on your phone and relaying the sound through these your buds.

Realme Buds Air: Performance

First of all, talking about the charging case the size is perfect and you can easily carry this in your pocket. Even though it looks exactly like the AirPods case but unfortunately you won’t be able to use any aftermarket Airpods case accessories.

In terms of functionality, you get three hours of battery backup from these earbuds and approximately 15 hours of
additional battery backup with the case. One thing which I like most about this case is that it supports wireless charging.

realme buds air

You can place it on a wireless pad like this and it will start charging. There is one more thing which is also not good. The realme Buds here is the noise cancellation because of its design the noise cancellation is pretty much useless.

There is a gap anywhere them which allow sound to leak in both direction and it gets a lot of background noise while using them. The realme Buds air also comes with low latency which is good for both normal usage or gaming.

For example, there is no lag while watching videos which I have noticed. There is also a special gaming mode which you can enable by touching both the earbuds at the same time and you will hear a car start sound.

It’s also nice to see that it is compatible with either Android and iOS devices. The buds Air has decent audio quality with clear highs mids and even lows. Noticeably it produces excellent sound quality and it has a good base. It’s a 12mm bass booster. It can get really loud however it doesn’t completely perform well under 80% to maximum volume levels.

It also has smart in-ear detection to automatically detect. If they’re being used so when you remove the buds air from your ears it will pause right away and play again once you wear them.

Its have dual mics and ENC for calls and I made a few calls with these earbuds. The quality wasn’t as good as I expected it. Maybe it was because of ENC but the voice from these earphones was always a little muffled.

realme buds air

I tested this out with multiple phones and the issue was quite persistent. I mean you can’t smoothly talk with these earphones but yeah you might annoy the other person on the court.

Now talk about the controls, you have the touch control and again a double-tap to pause the track, triple tap to change track, and long press to call Google Assistant or Siri.

There is no option of volume control and he would need to take out your phone every time. If you want to adjust the volume or ask Google Assistant or Siri to increase or decrease volume which is not that practical.

Realme Buds Air: Verdict

You should buy the realme buds air when it comes to design I didn’t find them comfortable. I was a bit worried about losing them easily but from that their compact offers good build quality you get wireless charging.

It’s has gaming mode with militancy and lastly, they offer decent audio performance. But the thing which could be better is the noise cancellation and design.

realme buds air

If you don’t mind some background noise while listening to your songs or watching videos and also if you’re looking for affordable wireless earphones then you can definitely consider them. However, if you increase your money,
there are better options such as the Ant Audio Wave 702, which also offers better build quality, Comfortable, and sound quality.

9 Total Score
Realme Buds Air

A very nice product for me. I every day listen to music and even take calls. I love the product and look similar to Apple AirPods.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
  • Wireless Qi Charging
  • Gaming mode works like a charm
  • Great Design
  • Seamless pairing
  • In-call distortions
  • Inefficient noise isolation
  • Touch controls don’t work as expected
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