Realme Buds Air Neo Review

Realme Buds Air Neo: Description

Day by day relame gaining in popularity due to their affordable and budgets friendly gadgets. Every year they launch their precious product that vibes the tech market. Recently realme launch one of the best true wireless or tws earbuds which called realme buds air neo.

Which come with Bluetooth 5.o, better battery life, decent sound quality and also super solid plastic build quality. But if you want some more features and better sound quality then I prefer you to check out the recently launched Realme Buds Q. Samsung earbuds air is also one of the best options for you.

realme Buds Air Neo

Realme Buds Air Neo are recommended headphones for those who want to use with flexibility and easy-to-fit earbuds. In this review, you can find why Realme Air Buds Neo is needed for your daily life. Check Out!!!

Realme Buds Air Neo: Design and Specification

First of all, talking about the design its looks exactly like the Apple AirPods. But ignoring that the buds air neo are very plasticky looking device. You get the tiny micro USB cable for charging with these earphones which is good and you also get another user manual with a warranty card.

On the bottom, It has a micro USB port for charging and a pairing button and led indicator on the front. The excess is from the top where we have a lid and then click to it. It’s very satisfying.

While holding the case it feels like a delicate device. Into the case, we have two earbuds sitting nicely. The earbuds are lightweight and weighing around 4 grams.

Buds air Neo

Realme Buds Air Neo is available in Two colors are Red and White. I had the Red version, which has a Red charger box.

The Realme buds air neo also has an inbuilt mic that can be used as a voice assistant and to answer calls and speaking.

Its have ipx4 which means you can easily stand sweat and water splashes. You can also see it has smart touch controls intelligent, voice assistant, and 17 hours of playback of the battery backup.

Now coming down to the features you have Bluetooth 5.0 and r1 chip which is realme’s own chip that gives you low latency. Realme claims that it can go as low as 120 milliseconds to activate the low latency mode. Touch controls are another feature on the buds neo

Speaking of overall build quality it doesn’t feel like a solid device because everything is in plastic. And I think if you don’t take good care of them they will break apart comfort.

There is a micro USB port. It would have been better if there was a USB Type-C port here because most of the phones by Realme come with USB Type-C.

realme buds air Neo

There is an LED on the front of the case which indicates the level of the battery and also gives an indication of pairing mode. There is a button just below the LED. These earbuds go into pairing mode by long-pressing that button. It included the magnets in this case. Therefore, when you close it or put the earbuds inside everything gets to its place on its own.

If we talk about the size, the size of the case is very decent and it will fit in your pocket quite easily. The battery is inside the case so when you will put your earbuds inside the case it will start charging.

When you will put them in your ears you will not feel any weight, they are designed to put them on and just forget about it. There is no rubber clip that’s why it doesn’t sit sealed in your ears.

Realme Buds Air Neo: Performance

Fitting is one of the key factors when buying any audio device because nobody wants to buy something that keeps on falling out or uncomfortable to wear. The Realme buds air neo are comfortable earphones. They have ear tips designed so you can easily wear them all day long without any sort of discomfort or pain.

But these are not very well secured unlike the silicone ear tips these will fall out. Then another major disadvantage of these ear tips is the deteriorated sound quality. As it doesn’t create a proper seal this results in a poor base and overall poor sound quality.

So I would say it is comfortable but doesn’t have a secure fitting. You have to hold both earbuds for few seconds and then you will hear engine sound which means the gaming mode is activated. Double-tap to play pause answer a call triple-tap for next song.

Buds air Neo

The buds air and the buds air neo are pretty similar except for some features. That is you get 10 volts of wireless charging USB-C port instead of a micro USB noise cancellation mic and weird detection. So those are all the things that you are paying extra money for others.

Coming down to the battery life of the buds air neo. These gadgets have a 400 Mhz battery on the case and a 43 milliamp-hour battery on each earbud. It took you around two hours and after a full charge.

I got around three hours of playtime from the earbuds and 13 hours of additional playback from the case which is quite good for true wireless earphones.

Now coming down to the most crucial part is the audio device that is sound quality.  It has a 13-millimeter driver which an excellent frequency response but that doesn’t mean that it has great sound quality.

The problem is with the Apple-style ear tips design which doesn’t give good isolation. So that the frequency is merged with the background noises. I mean the driver can produce all the base mids and highs properly. But the ear tips cannot block the sound very well.

If you use them during a workout, I am sure there will not be that much of a problem, you will feel that they might fall off. I was also constantly scared while working out, but they never fell off from my ear which is a good thing.

Buds air Neo

Talking about the water resistance, in Realme Buds Air Neo, there is IPX4 splash resistance. So, there will not be any issues working out. And it will resist some rain and splashing as well.

Inside these earbuds, there are 13mm drivers which will get you a good bass. Realme Buds Air Neo there is Realme’s own R1 chip due to which it will pair with your phone faster, and its connection will be stable.

Now let’s talk Super Latency Mode. Latency means that how much time does it take for the sound to reach, from your device to the Air Bud. Realme Air Buds Neo, in the Super Latency Mode, has a 119ms latency. Having too much latency will make the experience of the earbuds bad. When you will be watching a movie, you will feel that you are receiving the sound, quite late. That is why, if the latency of the Ear Buds is low, it is marketed a lot.

There also have Bluetooth 5.0 in Realme Air Buds Air Neo which will connect your earbuds faster with your phone, and consume less power. It also has a 10m longer range that is 30 feet which means even in a big room, you can leave your device in a corner and can still move around the room quite easily without any issue.

Overall, I really liked their sound quality. The sound was very rich and you will also get some treble and some bass too. Even though there is no rubberized in-ear tip in them so you will not get that kind of bass that you get with the ones with rubber tips.

But still, overall, I really enjoyed the bass. With these earbuds, I also did gaming for some time and watched videos, so overall, the experience was very enjoyable.

There was no issue with the sound quality, rather, after the Super Low Latency Mode. The sound quality of these earbuds is my second favorite feature.

Buds air Neo

Moving forward, let’s talk about the touch sensor of these earbuds. At the back of both earbuds, there are touch sensors that give you more functionality. By double-tapping any of the earbuds, you can answer a call, or play/pause the music, by triple tapping, next song, by long-pressing any of the earbuds, you can end calls, or activate voice assistant.

And by pressing both the earbuds together Super Low Latency Mode gets activated. Once Realme Buds Air Neo connects with your device, then, whenever you open its lid the phone will automatically reconnect with it.

Realme Buds Air Neo: Verdict

But if we talk about the things that I really liked about Realme Buds Air Neo first thing is Super Low Latency Mode. In my opinion, this is hands down the main feature as to why you should buy these earbuds. I, personally, have never used such low latency earbuds before.

There is a micro USB port in it, it should’ve had a USB Type-C port, according to me. Especially, considering that most of the Realme phones now come with a USB Type -C port. Apart from that, there is no proximity sensor in these earbuds.

Which other competitors are offering in this price range. Along with that, a slight glitch in super-low latency mode is not a big downside, but it would be good if it wasn’t present.

Buds air Neo

But some disadvantages are available in this gadgets that are noisy places is not recommended to answering any calls. And also the sensitivity of the touch controls and the battery life could be improved. But for $35 the earbuds are very decent and comfortable to fit.

9 Total Score
Realme Buds Air Neo

Very handy with great sound quality and bass love this earbud but wish I had these in green but that's one is also very pretty.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
  • Google Fast Pair
  • Stable connectivity AAC codec supported
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Strong bass
  • Not much detail, dull sound
  • Average battery life
  • Not very good for voice calls
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