Realme Buds Air Pro Review

Realme Buds Air pro: Description

Realme recently launched the Realme buds air pro with Bluetooth version v5.0 and premium looks. Realme not only offers 24hours of playback and better sound but also premium features like IPX4 water resistance and active noise canceling up to 35 decibels.

Every Realme user was quite curious to find out how good are these buds pro and more importantly how good is the noise cancellation compared to the industry standards like airports pro.

realme Buds Air pro

Only 4999 rupees realme give their fan lot of feature that is impressive. In this review, we will find out what came of it and what features does the new product has. Let’s begin!

Realme Buds Air pro: Design and Specification

When you open the box you get the Realme Buds Air pro with its charging case you also get two extra rubber tips one small and one large, type-c cable yellow color and the user manual is present as well.

The functionality’s really easy to open with one hand and the top cover feels really good.  In this case, it has an LED light here in the front and in a type C charging port at the bottom.

realme Buds Air pro

Realme Buds Air Pro is available in Four colors is Black and White. I had the Black version, which has a Black  charger box.

Next, let’s take a look at the earphones now the earphones are also completely plastic make and they have this efn design which is great. Now, these also are Bluetooth version v5.0. It also has ipx4.

Realme Buds Air pro: Performance

They give you two extra rubber tips one small and one large. Now when it comes to active noise cancellation it’s important to pick up right ear tips because the rest of your experience depends on it. If the ear tips are too big they will be painful and if they are too small they are likely to fall out.

Taking a closer look at these earbuds it’s clearly inspired by the Apple AirPods pro. This tws has active noise cancellation. The active noise cancellation in the buds air pro isn’t something mind-blowing.

I mean the noise cancellation is turned on by default and you will certainly feel the difference when you put them in the air. It will cut off steady noise from fan ac and other noises below 35 decibels.

realme Buds Air pro

Because of the ear tips and active noise cancellation, they obviously sound better than the previous version. That is buds air and buds air pro. But just like most of the budget tws the vocals get unclear.

A loud voice so I only listen to it at 70 which is nice because listening to music at louder volumes all the time can also impact your hearing.

Now talking about the controls, I personally prefer buttons for pause and play music or even the stem of AirPods pro. But in realme buds air pro gets you the sensitive button like double-tap to pause the music and triple tap to skip to the next song.

If you long-press on either of the earbuds for 3 seconds it will switch between normal transparent and noise-canceling mode. Comes in handy if you are in a busy market or an airport. There is also in-ear detection just like the buds air and the buds air neo.

But this time I find it significantly laggy. The previous realme buds air would instantly pause the music when I take out the earbuds from my ear but in the pro version, I found a slight delay this could be a software issue.

The pro version feels more premium. The led light is also crisp just like AirPods pro. While on the buds air and neo it’s more diffused and looks cheap. Similarly, if you look at the bag the buds pro has a metallic hinge just like AirPods pro. While the air and new has a plastic hinge and even with the in-ear design and rubber tips, the pro feels much more premium.

Another highlighted feature of these earbuds is the battery life. It claims a battery playback of 20 to 24 hours for active noise cancellation to give you a perspective. Most of the tws at this price range or for 10 to 15 hours and airports pro of for 24 hours they also come with fast charging.

realme Buds Air pro

So if you have to go out for a run but your tws is drained out all you have to do is charge it for 10 minutes and then you will get three hours of playback on a single charge. You can also easily check the battery level every time to open the case near the android device it will show you the battery level.

There are other small features it is also ipx4 rated. So it can easily block out sweat and you can read the rewards of working out with music. There is also a super-low latency mode for only 94 milliseconds for your gaming session.

Realme Buds Air Pro: Verdict

Realme Buds Air Pro is very decent sound quality and at the same time inexpensive TWS earbuds, which pleased with the really good build quality, decent microphones, and battery life.

All the features of realme buds air pro and if you pay a little bit extra you also get a better build quality a better audio better battery life and kind of active noise cancellation.

realme Buds Air pro

It’s quite an update for a marginal price difference so I can easily recommend this to most people. If price is not important to you, but the sound quality, Build quality, ear fit is non-negotiable, then you have a look at the Realme Buds Air Pro.

9 Total Score
Realme Buds Air Pro

I can say these are better than apple AirPods pro. Design is just like them and the sound quality is superb. Noise cancellation works really nice.

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
  • ANC on a budget
  • App support
  • Good for calls
  • Connectivity
  • Sound needs more refinement
  • The design of buds is chunky
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