Realme buds 2 Review

Realme buds 2: Description

Realme launch their second generation of the Relame buds 2 in November 2019. From a budget and reliable smartphone maker, Realme is now one of the best brands which makes a number of smartphone accessories, including power bank and wired/wireless earbuds this certain period of time.

realme buds 2

The first make their accessories product realme buds that were a most profitable product for them. And now they launch their realme buds 2nd generation Relame buds 2 which also affordable and quality full gadgets.

Realme Buds 2:Specification and Design

In the Box, you get realme Buds 2 earphones, a warranty information card because these earphones have one year of warranty. You also get two pairs of extra ear tips and a small booklet which has info about the earphones.

Realme Buds 2 are available in Two colors is Black, and White giving users a lot of options to choose from. I had the White version, which has a White cable and White highlights on the driver chambers.

realme buds 2

It has a 3.2m braided. Braided makes the earphone tangle-free. The wire won’t break this made good quality of rubber but I won’t really stretch it with any type of force. The length of the wire is good enough in my opinion and also the quality seems pretty cool.

Realme Buds 2 has opted for 11.2mm audio drivers and a 20Hz – 20KHzfrequency range. These earphones also have an impedance of 32 ohms and a sensitivity rating of 95dB.

Realme Buds 2: Performance

So first of all let’s talk about design so from the first side these look like just any other traditional earphones with matte black color. These look very stealthy and with the yellow accent, this gives them a little sporty touch. Everything is made out of plastic.

You can see some of the features that this thing has so here are the 11.2millimeter paste post driver built-in magnets which is a cool dual anti-twining cable and cable organizer and down. Here we can see some specs of these earphones which is the impedance of 32 ohms and frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz, and speaker sensitivity or font inner a decibel.

The earphones themselves and as you can see we have a cable organizer in this and the cable is also braided as well.
One thing you will find here is the cable is braided and it’s also tangle-free as well so that’s a good thing. Build quality these are well. They are working flawlessly and even in terms of fitting and comfort, these are really comfortable earphones.

realme buds 2

It’s the place for the most part although I’ve seen more comfortable silicone ear tips. They have provided earphones which are pretty handy. This organizer manages the earphones generally, you just keep these types of velcro strips this is from basis.

There is one more feature I would like to add which is the magnetic buds these earphones also have magnetic buds. This means if you are not using the earphones unit both of the earbuds together to organize them onto your neck when you’re not using them. Its have an inlet remote with all the buttons that you will need to change the songs play both songs change the volume skipping tracks and taking calls and along with that. You also have an inline mic.

realme buds 2

Now let’s talk about that support the sound quality. The first thing I would like to address here is the bass response of these earphones really good bass response. You can clearly hear all the arrow weights kick drums bassline and everything is very crystal clear. Some of the best bass that I have ever heard in an earphone like this so anyone who prefers.

If you are on a real me device you can go to the settings and change the audio settings. It will help you but these are not one of the clearest sounding earphones that I’ve tried. If you’re not on a real me device then you won’t get a chance to change these settings so they still sound very average.

Realme Buds 2: Verdict

These Relame buds 2 earphones are built with Great design, build quality, Clean sound, good soundstage Aggressive and many features that make them popular. However, if you’re happy with these fancy features and quality, the Realme Buds 2 is the best choice at under Rs. 1,000.

realme buds 2

If you focus more on vocals and guitar then you should definitely avoid these. There are some more good options in this price range like realme buds, boAt bassheads 225 which are my recommendation for everyone.

8.5 Total Score
Relame buds 2

The sound quality is actually very good! I'm impressed by the crisp and clean sound with good bass!

Build Quality
Sound Quality
Battery Life
  • Great design
  • Build quality
  • Clean sound
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Strong bass sometimes overpowers vocals and dialogue
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