Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2

Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2

Beats is one of the most well-known headphones companies. It is so popular that you will frequently see celebrities wearing headphones while using it. 

The main reason for its popularity is its affiliation with Apple. More than just a headphone brand, Beats has become a status symbol due to its sleek design and premium pricing.

Today we will review two of the most popular and best-selling Beats Solo 2 VS Studio headphones. 

These two, like all other items from the brand, focus on bass to provide you with a better standard of listening sound experience. 

With that degree of bass, you can feel the beat striking your brain.

If we make a quick decision and compare beat studio with solo 2, we may conclude that Studio wins by a small margin. 

Solo 2 lacks several features that make Studio a better alternative. 

However, this is entirely dependent on your own preferences. Continue reading to learn more and make a more informed decision.

Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2 Comparison Table

Comparison Between
Beats Solo 2
Beats by Dre Studio Wireless
Product Image
Black & Pink
Green and Dune Price
Stereo Speaker
Detachable Cable
Water Resistant
Sweat Resistant
Noise Cancellation
USB Type C
Rechargeable Battery
Driver Unit Size
Frequency Response
20-20000 Hz
Cable Length
1 Year
90 Days
Bluetooth Wireless
Battery Life
Charge Time
Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth Range
Date First Available
June 28, 2015
January 3, 2020

Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2 Comparison Table:

Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2 Feature

Beat Studio Wireless

The Beats Studio comes with a variety of excellent accessories. You get a 3.5 mm audio cord, a user handbook with instructions on how to utilize all of the functions, and a cleaning wipe to keep your headset clean.

A charging cable, a phone cord, and a small plug are also included. The phone cord has a microphone and control buttons for volume and other functions such as music switching. 

The small plug is used to connect the headphones to a computer or other device.

The accessories box also includes a USB 2.0 port and a USB converter. Overall, the accessories are sufficient to justify the price of the Beats Studio.

Beats Solo 2

Solo 2 has a chord and an inbuilt remote. The inbuilt remote has microphones as well as volume control. For use, the cord might be linked to any device.

The headphones contain a built-in button on the side that allows you to adjust the volume and answer calls. 

The button is useful for answering phone calls and pausing music. The last item included with the Solo 2 is a charging wire. 

In comparison to the studio, the battery timing for Solo 2 is extremely short.

Despite the fact that they have a 12-hour battery life, which is fairly enough. However, as compared to the studio’s 22-hour battery life,

It is significantly less. Aside from that, the accessories are limited in comparison to studios.

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Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2 Noise Cancelletion

Beats Studio

The studio is one of Beats’ best-sounding products. It contains a noise cancellation feature that prevents outside noise from interfering with your music. 

This technology improves the clarity and volume of the sound, allowing you to experience high-energy beats as they were intended.

Isn’t it fascinating that the music is so strong that you can recognize the instruments being performed in the background? 

The soundstage is without a doubt mind-blowing. It will give you the impression that you are seeing a live conversion, with every rhythm and instrument perfectly audible in your thoughts.

However, as compared to Solo 2, the Studio’s sound is a touch more muddy. 

The sound is rather rough, with an energetic bass in the background. That makes it rough and loud, and it may give you a headache if you listen to it for too long.

If you are a partygoer who prefers music over lyrics, these headphones are ideal for you.

It will provide you with a live-concert experience and a vacation from your surroundings.

Beats Solo 2

In terms of sound quality, Solo 2 has a more unique and unique tone. With just the perfect amount of bass, you can perfectly hear every other note and instrument. 

If you prefer to listen to gentle and mild music, such as classics or slow songs, this is the perfect option. 

You may listen to music while reading lyrics and listening to rhythms.

When comparing Beats Solo 2 VS Studio, the studio’s sound isn’t horrible, but Solo 2 is considerably crisper and smoother. Its sound isn’t balanced, but it’s crisper and doesn’t sound muddy at all.

Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2 Design

Beat Studio Wireless

People choose Beat items because of their current patterns and colors. Although it makes no sense to reasonable people, when it comes to headphones, shoppers choose style and look over performance and sound quality. 

Because they are so apparent because they are so high up on your head, you need make sure they are worth the show.

The design for Studio is quite professional and lovely. The outer cup is composed of high-quality plastic, and the letter ‘b,’ which stands for Beats, is printed on the exterior surface of both ear cups. 

This product is available in three color combinations: red and black, red and white, wholly white, and purely red.

Beats Solo 2

In terms of design and colors, Solo 2 is tidy and nice. It does not have a crossed-eye design, therefore it has a simple plastic structure.

We can tell from the color scheme that the product is intended for children. Solo 2 comes in a variety of bright and eye-catching designs. 

The material is of inferior quality, however it does not guarantee they will not lasting long. They are also available in class single colors.

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Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2 Pros and Cons

Beats Studio Wireless

  • 22 hours long battery time
  • Good bass to enhance the listening experience
  • Comes with a lot of good accessories
  • Solid and stylish design
  • Supports all types of Bluetooth devices
  • A little expensive
  • Noise cancellation is risky while used outdoors
  • Bass is too high and mixes up other notes
  • Muddy sound

Beats Solo 2

  • Not too bass-y, Sound quality is good
  • Sound isolation is good
  • Less expensive and good value for money
  • Lightweight and has a good grip
  • Inline remote and mic for calls
  • Lacks noise cancellation feature
  • Not good for critical listening
  • Does not have enough accessories Less emphasis on bass

Beats Studio Wireless vs Beats Solo 2 Verdict

Based on the above mentioned research, we can determine that Studio and Solo 2 both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

If we consider all of the factors, we may conclude that Studio is the superior choice. 

The studio features a more modern design, noise cancellation, a variety of accessories, and a stronger sound. 

However, it is also dependent on your personal likes and choices.

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