11 Best Bass Headphones in 2021

11 Best Bass Headphones in 2021

You’re in the perfect place if you’re looking for the greatest bass headphones with the deepest, most earth-shattering best bass headphones.

Forget the nonsense that other “review sites” have been spewing about headphones with amazing bass — we know what headphones actually have decent bass since we’ve tried them all.

We’ll propose headphones that we’ve tried and tested and are convinced will offer some of the deepest bass notes that will make any bass head happy (believe us, we love bass!).

Allow us to introduce you to the greatest bass headphones on the planet, which provide the most powerful, deepest, and bone-shaking bass you’ve ever heard.

11 Best Bass Headphones in 2021 List:

  1. TREBLAB Z2 Over-Ear Workout Headphones
  2. V-MODA Crossfade LP2Wireless Over-Ear Headphone
  3. Skullcandy Crusher – With Adjustable Sensory Bass
  4. Beats Studio 3 Super Deep Bass Headphones
  5. Ultrasone Pro 900i Closed-Back Headphones
  6. Pioneer HDJ Pro Professional DJ Headphone
  7. JVC HA-SZ2000 Stream Woofer DB Headphones 
  8. Audeze LCD-1 Audiophile Headphones
  9. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Wireless Headphones
  10. RHA T20i Steel in-Ear Headphones
  11. Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS Wired Headphones

11 Best Bass Headphones

01. TREBLAB Z2 Over-Ear Workout Headphones

Best Bass Headphones

Treblab Z2 Over-Ear Workout Headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 and Active Noise Cancellation technology may be the greatest bass headphones.

Even in loud surroundings, your favorite music will be sharp and clear for a truly immersive sound experience.

They have 40mm Neodymium-backed speakers and unrivaled sound quality thanks to Hyper-HD sound and aptX technology, as well as a Qualcomm CSR chipset for focused bass.

These over-ear headphones are lightweight and comfy, featuring super-soft ear cups that rotate 360 degrees for flexibility and sweat-resistant pads that feel like skin.

They are pressure-free and IPX4 water-resistant, making them ideal for intense workouts.

They have a signal range of 33 feet, so you may move away from your smartphone. It’s ideal for the gym, even during strenuous physical exercise.

These headphones provide all-day sound and have a battery life of up to 35 hours. They have simple button controls or can be controlled by Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant for hands-free voice instructions.

The built-in microphone with CVC 6.0 technology also allows you to take hands-free calls without pausing your workout.

The Teblab Z2 Over-Ear Workout Headphones are packaged in a high-quality travel case. A 3.5mm audio cable and a USB/Micro USB charging cable are also provided.

These are the best bass headphones for Active Noise Cancellation technology, which allows you to enjoy rich, deep bass and clear vocals even in the noisiest venues during strenuous workouts. They are ideal for travel due to the protective carrying case.

You can use them to listen to your favorite playlists, podcasts, audiobooks, or to watch movies online.

The snug, comfortable fit and active noise cancellation will provide immersive sound even on busy flights, trains, or buses.

  • Up to 35-hour battery life
  • Includes carrying case
  • Swiveling ear cups for complete freedom of movement
  • Voice-assistant compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant
  • Requires 3-hours for a full charge
  • Active Noise Cancellation feature emits a soft hissing sound
  • It has noticeable in quiet surroundings

02. V-MODA Crossfade LP2Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Best Bass Headphones

These drivers have been expertly designed to provide customers with a sound experience that is so well-balanced that they will not want to use any other headphones.

The Crossfade LP2 delivers on its promise of tremendous bass, vibrant mids, and calming highs.

The Crossfade LP2 includes a passive noise isolation feature for a distraction-free music experience.

The Crossfade LP2 has a very high-quality build. Their metal body, paired with Kevlar coated wires and a steel flex headband gives them the durability to last for years.

Furthermore, they are made in such a way that they can withstand the effects of the environment, such as the sun, water, humidity, and UV radiation.

In addition, the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 comes with an exoskeleton hard carry case, just like other V-MODA headphones, so you can pack your headphones and go.

V-MODA has once again been delivered. Our expert panel has determined that the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 is the greatest bass over-the-ear headphones available.

So, what distinguishes them as the greatest of the best? Their Dual-Diaphragm 50 mm drivers.

  • Affordable and value for money
  • Military-grade build with a metal body,
  • Kevlar coated wires and steel flex headband
  • Comfortable headphones with memory foam ear tips
  • 50 mm Dual Diaphragm drivers ensure high-quality bass
  • Provides a good noise isolation experience
  • Some users have complained about the frequency distortion on the Crossfade LP2

03. Skullcandy Crusher – With Adjustable Sensory Bass

The name indicates what the headphones are designed to do: they are actually a “crusher”!! If you enjoy bass music, look no further than this!

This headphone is a must-have because of its wild, powerful, and “skull-crushing” bass!!

You receive the authentic, immersive bass sensation, so you don’t just hear it, but feel it and experience it.

The main issue with the bass here is that it can feel uncontrolled at times, which degrades the sound quality. Furthermore, the treble could have been a little more delicate, a little more precise.

It contains two “full-range 40mm audio speakers” that are supported by two additional subwoofer drivers to enhance the overall impact.

One of the best aspects of this set is its passion. There is a lot of energy. And you’re aware of all of this while using it.

It also has quick charge technology, which means you may use it for 3 hours after only 10 minutes of charging.

  • Quick charging.
  • The sensory bass is adjustable.
  • Extra subwoofer drivers.
  • Poor folding mechanism.
  • Not the best looks.

04. Beats Studio 3 Super Deep Bass Headphones

You will receive a different response depending on who you chat with. Some audiophiles reject Beats by Dre, while others like them.

The underlying issue here is that once something becomes popular, many websites will go out of their way to appear edgy by bashing it.

But, let’s face it, if something has gained mass popularity, it must be doing something well.

The Beats Studio 3 are bass-heavy headphones. While the mids and vocals are slightly lower than usual, the bass is incredibly massive.

When combined with the Pure ANC noise-canceling technology, which is controlled by two mics and adjusts music based on the wearer’s surroundings, listening is a joy.

Seriously, listen to Slim’s new album Music to be Murdered by, particularly Godzilla featuring Juice WRLD, and you’ll be in a bass explosion.

Beats are expensive because they are good enough to warrant a premium. The technology inside is sophisticated, and they’re particularly well-known for how bassy they are.

If you’re looking for bass, Beats Studio 3 is the way to go.

  • Brilliant bass
  • Quality design
  • Noise-canceling tech is one of the best in the industry
  • Pricey
  • Some turn their noses up at popular branded headphones

05. Ultrasone Pro 900i Closed-Back Headphones

Best Bass Headphones

The Ultrasone Pro 900i is the “classic” pick for bass heads if you want the greatest headset with the deepest, earth-shattering bass.

These cans are stunning in every way. When exposed to light, the Pro 900i seems highly polished with a pleasant surface shimmer.

The bass on these headphones is strong and tight — they’re the kind of headphones that will make bass heads happy.

That being said, these headphones are not only ideal for bass, but also for any other type of music genre that can benefit from the lows produced by the 900i.

These headphones have great clarity and can reproduce musical notes and subtleties; the mids are also superb.

Play an Adele song over these headphones and the vocals will touch your soul — as any true audiophile will tell you, you can literally FEEL the music.

The highs are crisp and well-defined without being harsh, and the lower mids and mid-bass are fantastic.

The Pro 900i has a 40mm titanium-coated dynamic driver with a frequency range of 6 Hz to 42 kHz.

These headphones have their own distinct sound profile and personality, and they will never bore you.

Just make sure to connect these with a good headphone amp — these headphones require an amp to properly shine, otherwise, the music will sound bland.

  • The Pro 900i features a 40mm titanium-coated dynamic driver
  • It also has an incredible 6 Hz to 42 kHz frequency range.
  • It has a decent headphone amp
  • Great sound Quality
  • Build Quality is awesome

    06. Pioneer HDJ Pro Professional DJ Headphone

    Pioneer has positioned itself as one of the market’s most consistent high-quality brands.

    They’ve maintained the same well-known classic design over the years, so the HDJ-2000MK2 model is just another example of Pioneer’s ability to create clear sound while giving powerful bass lines.

    Leaning toward their well-known raw, clean-cut design, the Japanese manufacturer has managed to impress us yet again with the durability and quality of build that these very practical earbuds have in store.

    The 2000MK2 is ideal for professional DJs and artists who are constantly on the road because it can not only take difficult surroundings and being thrown around the studio.

    But it also produces a fairly clean and “honest” sound that is near to the V curve.

    We like the robust build and the silky silver matte touch of the exterior, which further emphasizes how sleek and light weighted this pair of headphones is, making it an excellent choice for use on the go.

    When discussing comfort and headphones, we normally look at the padding and fit of each set.

    Pioneer employs memory foam padding for both earcups, which can swivel at a 90-degree angle, making this one of the most comfortable pieces of audio equipment we’ve ever worn.

    The memory foam conforms to the angle of your skull, and the cups are so flexible that the HDJ-2000MK2 fits everyone’s head practically as if it were custom created.

    Another thing to keep in mind about the design of this item is the unusual XLR connector, which includes a locking mechanism inside it to prevent your cable from plugging out of your audio device.

    Although this might be viewed as a benefit and is incredibly beneficial when using a portable device, it can be challenging when using the headphones on your PC or turntable.

    We simply forget we’re wearing them and take the cord out of the plug. When a locking mechanism is involved, permanent harm to your headphone set is possible.

    The Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K Pro DJ over-ear headphones are one of the most comfortable pieces of wearable audio equipment we’ve tried on, and trust us when we say we’ve tried on a lot.

    Because of the massive driver, they’re ideal for bass-heavy music, and they’re highly durable, making them a popular choice among music professionals.

    • They’re perfect for bass-heavy music
    • they’re extremely durable
    • They have a gigantic driver

      07. JVC HA-SZ2000 Stream Woofer DB Headphones 

      Despite being made of plastic, these have a terrific, beautiful appearance and are pretty securely built.

      However, they are pretty big, the stock pads are not up to par, you may want amplifiers, and they could have really raised their game in terms of comfort.

      These are almost ideal for binge-watching your favorite program or having a movie night! Also, if you like bass they’ll be excellent for you! The bass here is of high quality and quite hard-hitting.

      And there are “vibration-inhibiting cylinders” to keep the bass from stuttering at high volumes.

      The design is Japanese, and they contain twin drivers, which ensures a continuous sound with minimal harshness, even at high volumes.

      • Huge, accurate, and “thunderous” bass.
      • Comfortable.
      • Durable build.
      • Dual drivers.
      • stock pads [replaceable] can be a little uncomfortable.
      • Slightly bulky.

      08. Audeze LCD-1 Audiophile Headphones

      Audeze understands how to produce headphones with cutting-edge technology, and the LCD-1 is no exception.

      The planer magnetic drives are what actually make these objects come to life. The sound is expansive, with each layer being sensed with surgical precision.

      This is due in part to the open-back design. I’m not usually a fan of open-back designs because I prefer music to drown out anything else.

      The LCD-1, on the other hand, surprises. Allowing sound to move around provides a level of clarity that only closed-back headphones can match.

      The way the bass thuds is extremely remarkable. Because of the open nature, this won’t rock your ears like Beats.

      But it still packs a punch that can be felt, and the open-back design means the lowest sound levels aren’t competing for dominance with the mids and uppers. Everything is in perfect harmony.

      Of course, open-backs aren’t ideal for outside listening, but for at-home listening in a quiet room, that’s not an issue (it’s also a godsend if you’re waiting for a delivery and want to hear the door).

      It’s worth noting that, due to the massive amount of power packed into the ear cups, each cup has its own wire that connects to a single cable.

      I’ve heard some people complain about this, but please calm down. It’s just nice and not at all inconvenient.

      Finally, I’m still amazed at how light and comfy the LCD-1 is. It’s one of those headphones that you barely notice you’re wearing.

      There is also no pressure from the headband. In this regard, I have nothing but praise for Audeze. Please make more headphones like this.

      • Punchy, clear sound
      • Bass without major ear damage
      • Stylish design
      • Pricey
      • Open-back design isn’t great for outdoor usage
      • Bass doesn’t pop eardrums

      09. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Wireless Headphones

      The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 is an amazing mid-range pair of headphones that has all of the features you’d expect from a modern headset.

      It’s wireless, with active noise cancellation (ANC), a sleek design, selectable voice control, and just the right amount of bass for bass-heavy genres like rap and EDM.

      The overall tone of the sound is neutral, albeit bass-leaning. They’re terrific at replicating the massive bottom end of bass-heavy music, but the bass isn’t so overpowering that it makes other types of music feel artificial.

      The Backbeat Pro 2 is a nice middle-of-the-road pair of bass earbuds because they aren’t absolutely flat but also aren’t as bass-driven as something like the Skullcandy Crusher.

      Another appealing aspect of the Backbeat Pro 2 is its current feature set. As said in the introduction, this headset includes all of the features you’d expect from a pair of headphones in 2019, as well as a few you’ve probably never seen before.

      The built-in gyro sensors in this headset, similar to the ear sensors in Apple AirPods, automatically pause your music when you take them off your head.

      It’s something I’ve never seen in a pair of headphones before.

      Overall, the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 maintains an excellent combination of sound quality and functionality.

      They sound amazing, have a bass that isn’t overpowering, and have all of the functions you’d want in a pair of everyday headphones.

      Because these headphones only come with a soft sleeve, I recommend investing in a hard-shell carrying case.

      • Modern feature list
      • Detailed, bass-leaning sound
      • 24-hour battery life
      • Stylish look
      • Unique gyroscope features
      • Bass is present but not huge
      • Gyroscope features sometimes wonky
      • No hard-shell case
      • Moderate noise cancellation

      10. RHA T20i Steel in-Ear Headphones

      The majority of people prefer in-ear headphones to over-the-ear headphones for a variety of reasons, one of which being that in-ear headphones are easier to transport.

      The RHA T20i has been built to provide maximum comfort to its users, with a silicone-based body structure and memory foam ear tips.

      Furthermore, the T20i comes with a lovely carry-case that includes a variety of ear tips in a variety of sizes, both rubber-based and foam-based.

      The RHA T20i is an in-the-ear bass headphone that ranks high among the greatest bass headphones.

      These lovely black-and-silver headphones are modest, yet they pack a serious punch when it comes to bass.

      Furthermore, with a frequency range of 16 to 40,000 Hz, its handcrafted dynamic drivers ensure that they cater to all types of music with equal beauty and clarity.

      • Affordable and value for money
      • Proprietary ear hook design for the best possible fitting
      • Comfortable headphones with memory foam ear tips
      • Mids, highs, and lows are perfectly balanced for a great sound experience
      • Provides a good noise isolation experience
      • Some users have complained about the durability of the product
      • Some users have complained about the volume control of the headphones

      11. Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS Wired Headphones

      Because of their great sound design, comfortable wear, and durable wired connection, the Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS headphones are among the best bass headphones.

      With a price tag of nearly $200, these headphones are undoubtedly among the most expensive on this list.

      Having said that, reviewers believe they outperform even some of Audio-previous Technica’s designs.

      These sturdy black and silver headphones are intended to last. So, while these are obviously more expensive, you get what you pay for.

      When it comes to sound, these headphones have the largest drivers on this list, at 53mm.

      A built-in aluminum stabilizer ring reduces unnecessary vibration for improved sound clarity, and a bass venting mechanism improves air dampening for the greatest bass reproduction possible.

      Having said that, there is significant sound leakage with these headphones due to the air vents.

      While these headphones are primarily advertised for their bass capabilities, reviewers note that they also produce a balanced sound with sharp highs and neutral mids.

      The earpads on these headphones are dual-layered, having a strong inner layer and a soft outer layer.

      According to user reports, these headphones are comfier than several other Audio-Technica models. While the fit is snug, it is comfortable and may be worn for extended periods of time.

      While these headphones lack the mobility of wireless connections, they do have the dependability of tethered connections.

      Furthermore, with an in-line microphone, these headphones are ideal for attending digital meetings or making phone calls.

      • Enhanced earpads make for comfortable wear
      • Clean bass
      • Great overall sound quality
      • Some sound leakage

      Best Bass Headphones Conclusion:

      The number of headphones on the market is surprising. That is why you must ensure that the pair you choose meets your needs and, more significantly, generates some deep bass.

      So, hopefully, you’ve chosen the best type of life-mate headphones for yourself by now! Don’t get too caught up in the details.

       At the end of the day, it all comes down to the music you listen to, the type of work you perform, your personal preferences, and so on. I hope you discover a fantastic pair of headphones!

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