11 Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500 in 2021

If you are a lover of music, the best closed-back headphones under 500 will create a significant effect.

The headphones are closed from behind and allow no sounds from the surrounding area to enter.

You can also enjoy your favorite songs and a peaceful musical atmosphere. It can be a hard effort to choose the best-closed headphones for less than $500.

You must not worry now, though, because after deep inspection we brought you eleven perfectly shut headphones.

Let’s know all of these headphones’ information, specifications, advantages, and cons.

Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500 in 2021 List

  1. Sony WH1000XM3 Over-Ear Headphones
  2. Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones
  3. Sony MDR7506 Large Diaphragm Headphone
  4. Sennheiser HD 569 Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500
  5. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Headphone
  6. Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones
  7. OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed-Back Headphones
  8. LyxPro HAS-15 Studio Headphones Closed-Back
  9. Shure SRH1540 – Premium Closed-Back Headphones
  10. Focal Listen to Closed-Back Headphones
  11. Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

11 Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500

01. Sony WH1000XM3 Over-Ear Headphones

Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500

I offer you to start with this foldable, really smart, mini-designed wireless device. These are the best-closed headphones below 500 and can also be used with a wire because an audio cable is provided to them.

One of only WH1000XM3’s most interesting features is that the device canceled active noise.

By pressing a button, you can get crystal-clear audio. Moreover, the power of noise cancellation can be adjusted.

You can use voice control with Google Assistant or Siri. The use of Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC headphones as wireless the device is quite convenient.

The W H1000XM3 has to be chargeable for only 3 hours and the playback takes 30 hours.

Moreover, the headphones function for approximately 38 hours if you do not need to suppress noise and turn it off. The sound of the unit ranges from 4 Hz to 40 kHz.

This sound is unbelievably detailed. Apart from that, aptX HD support is great for Sony headphones. I must also remark that they are 104 dB sensitive and 16-ohm impedance levels.

Thanks to the full, yet not overwhelming low performance, the headphones sound particularly great.

I’d describe the Sony WH1000XM3 audio as splendidly open and generous.

  • Sony’s Headphones Connect app, which supports both Android and iOS,
  • The noise-canceling is best-in-class
  • It can give you enough power for 5 hours of play after 10 minutes of charging
  • It is covered with the palm of your hand
  • The device cuts the volume and switch off ANC
  • Mediocre call quality

02. Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500

They have ANC on earphones and work up to 22 hours usually. But you’ll have roughly 40 hours of playback when you don’t need to block background noise.

If you are hurrying, you need to only charge for 10 minutes and receive a battery life of 3 hours using the quick charging feature.

No aptX support, although Bluetooth for wireless connection is available for the device. Siri and Google Assistant are available with Beats Solo Pro.

Calling the device is not an issue because there’s a microphone. These headsets can only be used as wireless devices. You can modify its level with your sound cancelation option.

Weighing 267 g/9.4 oz. of Solo Pro. I have good news for individuals who want to travel or hunt for easy-to-carry equipment — these headphones are foldable.

You may put them in a lovely compact case and take them anywhere with you.

The balance in tracks with no intended bass boost is great. Subbass notes are played twice the loudness of the vocal frequencies (midrange).

These headphones provide a very vivid and powerful sound with very excellent instrument positioning.

  • Available in six colorways: ivory, gray, light blue, dark blue, red, and black
  • Increased sweat resistance compared to previous models
  • It has Bluetooth 5.0
  • When you turn off both ANC, you get quite good passive noise reduction
  • Sound can distort at max volume

03. Sony MDR7506 Large Diaphragm Headphone

Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500

Sony ensures its clients’ optimal purchasing experience with a wide range of high-quality and critically appreciated products.

His headphones MDR7506 are quite popular with professional studios and artists in the recording.

They are the highest rated headphones on our list with an average customer rating of 4.6.

No wonder these headphones have gotten expert approval with exceptional sound quality and beautiful style.

The closed-ear style of these products has made pro and home recording studios immensely popular.

It helps to reduce sound externally. Even under the hardest conditions, the robust construction allows effortless use.

The cord has 9.8 feet attached, which finishes in a 3.5 mm gold plug. The cord is an oxygen-free copper cord and even under stress is exceptionally durable.

The neodymium magnet is fitted with high-power audio, while the 40 mm driver’s aid produces a clear sound.

The headband is cushioned for additional convenience and allows for long periods of use on the headphones.

The product comes with a lightly padded storage device that may be taken wherever you are. Audiophiles in and outside of the Music industry can sincerely bless their Sony MDR7506 Profesional Stereo Headphones.

  • Rugged design for use in all conditions
  • High quality, crystal clear sound production
  • Easily foldable for travel/storage
  • Can be used for long periods of the tie with external sound reduction
  • Ideal for use in film production, broadcast stations, recording studios, radio, etc.
  • It May not be suitable for use with certain brands of mobile phones

04. Sennheiser HD 569 Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500

Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500

Sennheiser has chosen a wide range of great quality music equipment to pursue perfection in the world.

The Sennheiser HD 569 Closed-Back Headphones are on our list of best closed rear headphones of 500, with an average customer rating of 4.3. These headphones, around the ear design, with a closed back.

It offers excellent sound insulation and can be used in noisy areas in general. With outstanding clarity, it delivers exceptionally toned and balanced sound.

The EAR technology ‘Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement’ feeds sounds straight into your ears to allow you to feel the sound completely.

Powerful sound insulation helps improve the user experience. These headphones are equipped with 38 mm Sennheiser technology transducers.

They use aluminum frames to guarantee maximized efficiency and the least acoustic distortion.

The robust design has unbelievably gentle ear cushions and a headband. They can be long-lasting and easily replaced, giving them a delight for long times.

Two wires – one 3 meters in length and another 1,2 meters in length – are included in the goods.

The latter has a line microphone and remote control for music (along with a call control). Both cables can be removed and utilized when necessary.

  • Smooth frequency response without distortion
  • Exceptional sound clarity and noise isolation
  • Soft earpads padded with velour
  • Detachable cables (one with phone call control)
  • Aux cord may be smaller than required in certain situations

05. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Headphone 

Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500

M-100-U-SHADOW V-MODA The world’s first lightweight and noise-canceling headphones are known as a closed-back headphones.

It naturally minimizes the distraction and unwanted noise from airplane engines and makes you have a clean sound.

Even if you’re on the road, you receive a superb quality, yet its low quality can surprise you.

First, you can obtain it with wire and use it on your smartphone and PC when we talk about its connectivity.

It’s one of the greatest and award-winning Closed Headphones with M-Class sound. The lightweight and noise-canceling headphones are another element of the world’s fabulous headphones.

It offers high-quality, ultra-extended highs if you use it to listen to diverse songs. Many expert studio editors and audiophiles use audio.

It provides clean deep bass with any unwanted noise, and its distinctive characteristic is that the distraction from noise is naturally turned off.

Besides, you receive this headset with an Oversound Circumoral design when we talk about its design.

You can achieve that with a unique CLIQFOLD design, which is ideal for compact storage and can simply be transported anywhere without reluctance.

It has a reaction rate of around 5 – 30 thousand Hz.

If you use it, it provides ultimate and excellent comfort. It naturally shapes your head and provides comfort and natural noise insulation.

Finally, at first glance, the versatile and unusual design of the V-MODA M-100-U-SHADOW headset is a great pick.

  • Comes with Wired Connectivity Technology
  • Unique Design for Compact Storage
  • Ultra-Extended High Tuned Headphone
  • Award-Winning Headphone Due to Amazing Sound
  • Offers Great Frequency Response
  • Offers Supreme Comfort
  • Inferior Quality Materials and Terrible customer Service
  • Sound Quality is Great but Cheap and Flimsy

06. Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio3 Wireless headset is ideal for you with a very long battery time and long-lasting wear.

It offers superior filtration and an ergonomic distinctive rotation design that fits flexibly according to the form of the head.

It offers also a huge noise-canceling technology and audio calibration in real-time, yet its building quality may deceive you.

This headset is great at first glance because it comes in matt black. at first glance. It is known as the best, high-performance headset for noise cancelation with wireless connectivity.

With iOS and Android may be used quickly and without external noise can enjoy your favorite music.

You can experience the pure adaptive noise cancelation technology with this wireless headphone (ANC).

If you like music, you don’t feel any noise because it actively blocks outside sounds. Eventually, you don’t feel noise even if you wear these headphones on the road, listen to music.

It offers a premium listening experience the amazing thing about it. Within this headphone, you can watch real-time preserved audio calibration which turns the standard sound into a distinctive and high-quality sound.

By employing it, you will also clarify the sound intensely.

As you know it comes with wireless technology, you get a huge long-term battery within. You may always use it until 22 hours and enjoy music after it is fully charged.

Its 22-hour battery time enables you to enjoy all-day wireless playing with full functionality. Lastly, Beats Studio3 headphone is ideal for those who desire wireless headphones that are closed to less than $500.

  • High-Performance Wireless Headphone
  • Naturally, Cancel Noise
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Long 22 Hours Battery Time
  • Offers Premium Listening Experience
  • Low-Quality Materials
  • Not Durable for Workout

07. OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed-Back Headphones

Headphones have an average customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars for OneOdio DJ Stereo Monitor.

With its excellent sound and strong bass, this product is undoubtedly loved by experts.

The big headphones contain a neodymium 50mm conductor, constructed with the highest quality and precision materials.

Their goal is to satisfy the needs of DJs and audiophiles and produce strong bass in combination with strong voices and clear high tones.

An instrument adjusted to maximum comfort gives you a higher quality sound. The earpads are coated with an unbelievably durable high-quality material.

Even during long working sessions, they ensure the user’s comfortable experience.

The headband can be adjusted and extended to enable a snug fit on the head. The headphones are flexible and easy to transport and store for folding.

The ear cups may be moved to 90 degrees left and right, enabling single hearing audio and music monitoring.

The muddy design of these headphones makes them ideal for extensive mixing and music sessions.

They include a long 9.8 feet cord, allowing you plenty of room for easy movement. Two plug sizes – 6.35mm and 3.5mm – also comes with the package.

It is a free headphone adapter and the wire can be removed so it is easy to use.

The product is very durable, manufactured of matt plastic of industry standard. It features a beautiful finish and is available in two interesting Black and Green tones.

It may be adjusted as a fish and used together with several different audio types of equipment on Android and Apple smartphones.

This is one piece of equipment that you should absolutely not overlook, with a high-quality sound and superb performance.

  • High quality, clear sound with powerful bass
  • Noise isolation
  • The lightweight and sturdy design meant for long use
  • Two colors – Green and Black
  • Ideal for DJ mixer, audio monitoring, film and radio production, etc
  • It May not be ideal for bigger heads

08. LyxPro HAS-15 Studio Headphones Closed-Back

Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500

One of the top products in the audio market is the LyxPro HAS-15 Studio headphones.

These are two headphones that should absolutely be ignored, lauded by industrial insiders, and granted an average customer rate of 4.3.

These headphones give you the best auditory experience, with very powerful and tight sound details.

They have modern 45mm neodymium-magnet drivers that provide you a clean, pure original sound free of distortion.

The design over the ear ensures noise insulation so that you can work without distractions. These headphones are closed, so without concern about sound leaking, you can blast your music.

The ear cups are rotated and can be used for audio monitoring in one ear. They are equipped with soft and comfortable leather earplugs.

They fit nicely around your ears and head, so that you may use them for a long time.

Its framework is unbelievably light but very sturdy. The headband consists of high-quality stainless steel, which gives it longevity and strength.

Two detachable cables of various lengths are supplied with the HAS – 15. One is a coiled 4.9-foot (up to 13-foot) length wire, while the other is a direct ten-foot cable.

This allows the user to operate across bigger areas which are not possible for the majority of other headsets.

In addition, the firm offers a 3.5mm to 6.3 mm adapter range. For simple transport and storage, a carrying sack is included.

  • Fantastic sound quality with crisp and clear audio
  • Premium leather fitted padding on-ear cups and band
  • Noise cancellation and minimum sound leakage
  • Ideal for movies/music / professional uses
  • May not pick up extremely low bass frequencies during gaming

09. Shure SRH1540 – Premium Closed-Back Headphones

Shure SRH1540 Premium headphone closed-back particularly built for musicians and audiophiles.

You may use it for filmmaking, music listening, and podcasting, and the sound quality is superb.

The only negative is that occasionally the cable connector is terrible for you. First and foremost, you can observe the neodymium 40 mm drivers within this headphone.

This anticipated driver offers excellent sound performance, which is perfect for soundstage delivery, with clean, extended highs and warm bass.

It is apart from other headphones by the costly sound quality. The design of the head fits wonderfully with the closed-back and circular design.

Moreover, in a pleasant environment, you can play your favorite music and eliminate outdoor noise.

It comes with a fully adjustable ergonomic dual-frame and lightweight construction, and you may listen to music with comfort for hours.

Thanks to the aircraft’s grade aluminum body structure, this headset offers you enhanced durability and a lightweight design.

When you use it, you have no resonance, and it enhances linearity with air poles and steel controls.

Even at all listening settings, you achieve a steady performance that is ideal for professional musicians making these headphones.

You get this headset with a user manual when facing any problem resolving. We also encourage the purchase of Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed Headphones, as experienced engineers and musicians.

  • Perfect for Field Recording, Podcasting, and Video Recording
  • Offers Legendary Durability
  • Easily Eliminate Internal Resonance
  • Comes with Vented Center Poles
  • Provide Extra Accessories in Box
  • Cable Connection is Poor
  • L Wire Causing Unstable Connection Sometimes

10. Focal Listen Closed Back Headphones

Focal Listen is compatible with all smartphones and PCs with the best and premium closed-back headphones.

The lightweight and comfy design are ideal for your head shape. It is occasionally uncomfortable when you utilize it for excellent experiences even in a noisy area.

You require a comfortable ambiance when listening to music, therefore you can have comfort for hours with these headphones.

Thanks to the soft-touch headband it provides excellent comfort. Due to the weight distribution technology, this proves to be perfect.

You get it with an extraordinary and unusual look at first glance. The whole headset looks quite excellent, and its ear cups are manually brushed with chrome.

You receive a wonderful and remarkable feeling when you use these headphones. Because of the anticipated design, your usual headset becomes attractive.

You can notice the special diaphragm technology within this headset, which proved to be great for the quality of the son.

Due to this technology, even if you listen to bass tracks, it gives outstanding sound. It gives you a terrific listening experience, thus, as musicians.

Furthermore, this headphone is recognized to deliver a superb experience as high-isolation headphones.

Due to the comfortable and lightweight design, you may use the studio even on a busy road. Finally, Focal Listen is for you a superb shut-down headset and if you purchase it you are not at a loss.

  • Comes with Soft Touch Headband
  • Provide Optimum Comfort
  • Get Weight Distribution Feature
  • Chroma Plated Ear Cups with Manual Brushing
  • High-Isolation Headphone and Sound Quality
  • Offers Comfort During Extended Sessions
  • Lightweight Design
  • Superb and Clear Sound Quality
  • Not Bluetooth or Wireless Headphone
  • Some Users Says it is Uncomfortable

11. Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

The Tascam TH-02 Studio Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500 are there just to convince all that low-priced audio equipment of great quality is available to us.

Tascam’s technology and design have been refined and improved over years to offer clients maximum aural experience.

You will recommend them to everybody by the incredibly balanced and clear sound of these headphones.

The headphones can bring every kind of sound of all kinds to justice with a wide range of frequency responses and great sensitivity.

Their expertly high, clear mid-range notes and low notes will notice every professional. The dynamic bass helps you to enjoy powerful bass tracks and music in games or anywhere.

This powerful audio device does not only work effectively but also long-lasting and sturdy. The design is flexible and small to help in storage and transportation.

Its ear cuffs may be turned to 90 degrees and therefore ideally suited for one monitoring of the ear.

You may stop worrying about comfort and durability when you labor for lengthy or long periods of time. These headphones have long-term comfort in mind.

The pads on the ears and a padded headboard have been carefully sewn for long use.

You may be confident that when you purchase these headphones, you get an elegant, high-performance, well-loved product.

The adapters are supplied with a 3.5mm – 6.3mm detachable adaptor. These sleek and closed-back headphones must have this year’s music accessory.

  • Crisp highs, clean mids, and deep lows
  • Balanced sound for an improved experience
  • Foldable, compact design for easy transport
  • Padded (fully rotatable) ear cuffs and headband
  • Ideal for low budget, high-quality buys
  • No in-built microphones

Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500 Conclusion:

When purchasing the Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500, it is critical to consider certain basic features that all models must-have.

Aside from that, what truly separates a set of headphones are the added features that provide the most bang for your dollars.

We examined eleven of the Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500 that are popular models on the market.

I hope you are familiar with the finest Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 500  listed above, which provide superb and clear sound.

All of the closed-back headphones listed above have excellent comfort features and allow you to listen to music for extended periods of time.

These are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows, among other platforms.

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