5 Best PewDiePie Headphones in 2021

Are you excited to know Which PewDiePie Headphones does PewDiePie Use when he streams live? Then you are right place.

One of the world’s best-known names “PewDiePie” and worldwide renowned gamers.

He uses it only to narrate a few games while playing on his PC, and soon many people liked him because of his comic attitude and his speech.

The name of Pewdiepie headphones is highly popular with the general public, therefore everyone knows it. If you still enjoy his headphones, you’ve come to the perfect location.

A gamer’s trip and experience are incomplete until they obtain decent quality headphones because the sound is extremely vital when playing games.

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 7 PewDiePie Headphones for you to choose from.

Brief Bio on PewdiePie:

PewDiePie more commonly known as Felix Kjellberg is one of the internet’s biggest stars. He has more than 100 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

YouTube created its channel in 2010 and its channel is best known for its irreverent gaming content.

He is said to have earned over $120,000,000 pre-tax since 2010.

So it’s pretty clear to see that someone like him can buy the absolute best tech ever made and try out everything leaving you with the simple alternative to just already pick something your favorite YouTuber is using.

01. Razer Kraken Pro V2 Gaming Headset

PewDiePie Headphones

If you’re looking for a headset that provides a balanced in-game audio experience, go no further.

PewDiePie has used this Kraken Pro V2 in most of his videos, and we believe you’ve noticed as well.

Pro gamers typically adjust the position and proximity of their headphones’ mic in accordance with their gaming needs, which is simple with this headset.

Because the unidirectional mic is fully retractable and provides crystal-clear audio communication with the other members who have joined you in the game.

So, no more audio loss — hear every tiny detail in the audio quality like never before.

The larger driver size than the previous model is a significant enhancement to the headset. It would either go completely over your ears or simply on your ears, depending on your ear size.

This will result in improved passive noise canceling. Another thing that needed to be updated was the headphone’s main body.

Previously, they used a plastic frame that creaked a lot. Pulling away the ear cups showed the flimsy plastic body.

The V2 now features an aluminum unibody, which gives it more flexibility and structural integrity.

A microphone is essential in a gaming headset. It is one of the characteristics that allow a headphone to be referred to be a headset in the first place.

The Kraken Pro V2 retains the retractable boom mic design of previous models. It’s still as adaptable as it used to be.

The primary braided wire finishes in 3.5 mm jacks for audio out and mic in.

In addition, an adapter is included in the packaging to connect them both into a single 3.5 mm jack for mobile devices, consoles, and laptops with combined ports.

The Kraken Pro V2’s upgraded and enhanced 50 mm drivers provide wider frequency response.

The frequency response of the earlier Pro headphone ranged between 20 and 20 kHz, which is the range of human hearing.

The frequency response of the Pro V2 is 12-28 kHz, which extends beyond the hearing range on both sides of the spectrum.

We’re not sure why Razer made this move, or what advantage it provides.

  • The Kraken’s boast an extremely simple and sturdy design
  • Lightweight, comfortable and work well for long gaming sessions
  • The impressive sound that doesn’t get muddied during intense action moments
  • Comes with an inline remote for quick volume adjustments and an ext. cable
  • Ear cups take some getting used to.

02. Razer Nari Ultimate Headset

PewDiePie Headphones

Present the Razer Nari Ultimate, featuring Razer HyperSense — an advanced Haptic Technology-equipped wireless PC gaming headset that transfers sound inputs into dynamic real-time touch sensory input.

Gamepad haptics nowadays provides easy feedback and vibration during important occurrences.

The Razer Nari ultimate takes the form of game sounds and transforms them into the rich, life-like Haptic effects with Razer HyperSense.

Accurately vibrations move from left to right and vary in intensity according to where the audio signals are played.

Gamers are increasingly more aware of their environment in the game.

HyperSense by Razer We’re increasing the bar for immersion by allowing you to experience the effect of fighting.

Razer HyperSense controls the Razer Nari Ultimate, which has haptic technology that generates touch-sensory input for real feelings based on sound cues from the game.

You may now feel airplanes grumbling overhead or escape from gunfire bursts offering a whole new depth for the last game experience.

Audio THX Space By emulating sounds in a 360-degree area around you, THX Spatial Audio goes beyond typical sound surroundings.

With Razer Nari Ultimate, especially whether it comes from above or below, you can react to any incoming movement immediately and give yourself increased senses during the game.

Unleash your instincts of predatory music like a weapon.

Comfortable complemented The Razer Nari Ultimate has been created to add pleasant features to its immersive technology, allowing you to disappear into the world of the game without any effort for hours.

  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Solid audio software
  • Heavy, loose fit
  • Unfriendly to phones and consoles
  • Mediocre sound for the price

03. Razer Electra V2 USB 7.1 Gaming Headset

Gaming headphones and headsets can be a genuine crapshoot, while some are really fantastic, and some tend to be badly built.

But the nice thing’s that you won’t make a big financial gamble to find out. I don’t know where Razer’s Electra V2 cans will arrive.

The freshly upgraded bright sparkling green, Electra V2 sport Razer with an accent color and a lovely self-adjustable metal belt.

The analog connector comes with a USB plug-in standard of 3.5 mm and each version is promising to give a simulated surround sound of 7.1.

You would enjoy this USB-powered headset if you are looking for greater immersion in the game.

The 40mm drivers of their kind block the entire undesirable external sound and deliver a flawless sound – flawlessly balanced sound for powerful bass and richer highs.

The frame is incredibly robust and the headset itself is very light, which may be used for hours to remove the unwanted burden of your head.

The fact is that you can’t hear the voices of the enemy accurately is because you have a bad quality headset, but this one contains 7.1 surround sound software, so you have a personalized sound experience for a 360-degree gaming impression.

You can’t play your most beloved video game.

Furthermore, it is powered by a USB cord which enables you to take advantage of continuous gaming sessions with detailed audio clearness and so more versatility.

The leatherette cushions give great comfort and prevent all unwanted sounds from the outside.

  • Surround sound immersion
  • Flexible and detachable mic
  • Auto-adjusting headband for ultra flexibility
  • Plush ear cushions for greater sound isolation
  • Custom-tuned 40 mm drivers
  • DAC for enhanced sound performance
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

    04. Razer Kraken Pro Neon Analog Gaming Headset

    The Razer Kraken Pro Neon is a comfort-focused, gaming headset with stunning colors that turn heads.

    The Razer Kraken Pro Neon is optimized for long use and is equipped with a fully retractable microphone and high-quality audio drivers which allow for hours of gambling fun.

    In order to find the ideal weight for lengthy playing sessions as well as for unmatched convenience on the move, various experts and athletes test the Razer Kraken Pro Neon gambling headset.

    With bendable ear cups, the footprint of the Razer Kraken Pro is exceptionally small for maximized mobility so the whole footprint of these large headphones is possible.

    The massive 40mm neodymium-magnet drivers of the Razer Kraken Pro Neon are suited for clean high, mid-range, and deep bass for high-performance low levels.

    A closed ear cup design with plaster-on-ear cushioning produces outstanding sound insulation so that you may continuously focus on your game or chat with outside sounds.

    The series is available in the blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple versions of Razer Kraken Pro Neon.

    Turn heads and make a statement with these bright colors as you head out.

    The left ear cup contains a fully retractable microphone boom, excellent for your headset on the go, only when necessary.

    The adjustable design allows you to adapt the unidirectional microphone to your unique requirements so that you always find yourself at the very best place, whether it’s strategic or fast calling.

    The combining audio jack of the Razer Kraken 3.5mm can be used in several devices with any instrument that can use a 3.5mm input.

    • Optimized weight for extended wear
    • Foldable ear cups
    • Powerful drivers and sound isolation for highest-quality gaming audio
    • 6 different color headphone choices
    • Fully retractable microphone
    • Compatible with PC & MP3 devices

      05.Sennheiser Game Zero Gaming Headset

      PewDiePie Headphones

      The Zero Game is the classic stereo headset that meets the challenge. It’s built to handle a gamer with no sacrifice on quality, comfort, and adaptability.

      The Game Zero provides highly authentic audio with a deep bass extension for an immersive experience, with a shut acoustic headset of unique foldable form.

      The original technology of the Game Zero transducer

      With an adjustable contact pressure and two-axis punching mechanism, the aviation-inspired split headband of GSP 500 gives customized fit to various head dimensions and shapes.

      The GSP 500 is designed for amazingly lifelike and immersive, high-fact game audio with its open acoustic design and patented speaker technology.

      The open acoustic design also keeps your ears cool throughout long gaming sessions, ideal for players playing in calm situations.

      The earpads and plates can readily swap off (available via purchase).

      The flexible boom arm of the GSP 500 is designed for a passive background noise cancelation and can modify the microphone’s placement to best pick up voice.

      When you raise the boom arm, the microphone automatically blows. Keep your personal life and game talk in a game.

      In the right ear cup of the GSP 500 headset is placed the volume control. The integrated wheel allows you to simply modify your fingertips during play.

      PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mac are all available for the GSP 500. It is a perfect choice for playing on low-power devices with provided connections and adjusted impedance.

      • Lightweight materials and robust mechanics ensure comfort
      • Hard carry case provides safe storage
      • Wired Connectivity Technology
      • The headset allows you for on-the-fly adjustments
      • Foldable design featuring
      • Two cables included for multi-platform compatibility
      • Noise-canceling microphone

        PewDiePie Headphones Conclusion:

        PewDiePie uses premium products both when recording and streaming live videos there is no doubt.

        He has more than 107 million dynamic endorsers and is the most popular creator of content on YouTube.

        His recordings will generate more than 2 million records from 12-24 o’clock to YouTube. Perhaps this is the greatest motive his followers have to see and hear his voice.

        PewDiePie headphones are also sensitive to such things as amazing sound quality, dominant consolation, good insight, and more.

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