8 Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming in 2021

8 Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming in 2021

Without suitable best open Back headphones for gaming connected to your gameplay headset, the perfect gaming experience cannot be completed!

You can leave your room and enter your character’s virtual world with the best open Back headphones for gaming to play with. Simply put your headphones on your ears and ensure you’re never distressed!

Best Open Back Headphones for gaming are designed to send the air into the speaker elements via the ear-cups.

This makes sure you don’t always have to take off your headphones because of the heat when you sit down for a long games session with the boys!

Best Open Back Headphones for gaming are the perfect small addition to your playing headset to ensure that the pressure does not build up and ruin your sound.

A device that allows you to experience a genuine sound without added audio in your headphones.

8 Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming in 2021 List

No. Image Product Price
01 01 Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones View Amazon
02 02 EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headse View Amazon
03 03 Audio-Technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset View Amazon
04 04 Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone View Amazon
05 05 SENNHEISER HD 599 Open Back Headphone View Amazon
06 06 Beyerdynamic DT 990 Over-Ear-Stereo Headphones View Amazon
07 07 Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset View Amazon
08 08 Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 View Amazon

8 Best Open Back Headphones For Gaming

01. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Over-Ear headphones would be at the top of our list if you had to choose headphones exclusively on responsibility on your sound stage.

You will be quickly carried to another level once you put on these headphones, where sound represents realistic visuals of beautiful countries and magic scenes.

Typically, open-back headphones sound wider than their lock-out cousins, and these audio techniques take full advantage of this design.

A lot of detail is available, however, a little brash high end can slow the pleasure considerably.

With their timeless appearance and lightweight design, the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X are open-air headphones that attract people’s attention.

They pinch your head so slightly that at times it can feel as if they will slip out and fall on the ground.

Don’t misunderstand, Audio-Technica can create a practical, mechanically perfect pair of headphones.

The self-adjusting 3D wing bracket provides a full ear fit with very low pressure and no possibility of falling headphones. Additional fabric comfort is provided by flexible earpads.

It has very low prices and is perfect for audiophiles! The open-back design, the high-end audio drivers, and the attractive design make the AD700X a really nice headphone.

If you’re looking for headphones, you can experience a clean and immersive sound.

  • Huge soundstage
  • Clear, accurate sound representation
  • Quality cable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Weaker bass

02.EPOS I Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

The iconic open acoustic gaming headset of the Game One is a lifelong favorite customer known for its high-end audio performance and excellent comfort.

Offering very realistic realism and high benefit, the Game Ones opens up earpieces and the original transducer technology.

A lift-to-mute flexible arm microphone adjusts easily for best speech pick-up positions and minimizes acoustic background noise for crystal-clear conversation.

The over-the-ear style of the Game Ones features XXL Plush velvet ear pads and a braided headband for long playing sessions.

The long-term strength of robust mechanics and modern design. Just the finest of the best of the old headsets.

Game One is an open acoustic game headset for gamers looking for the small designs of traditional headphones in a high-level gaming headset.

Offering very precise realism and high fidelities, the Game Ones opens up earpieces and the original transducer technology.

The exclusive speaker system developed by EPOS provides realistic and realistic sound with all the specifics and game indications necessary for immediate reaction.

  • Noise-canceling Microphone
  • Signature Sound Dynamic
  • Braided Fabric Cable
  • Open Acoustic
  • Lightweight
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Quick Volume Adjustment

    03. Audio-Technica ATHPDG1 Open-Air Premium Gaming Headset

    Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

    This equipment has been built so that they can listen extremely attentively and accurately with the gamer who is serious about their playing.

    In other words, they know how important it is. You’ll get that because these are open-back headphones.

    For its incredible sense of comfort, its many cable options, and, of course, its unique audio quality, users will want to get the Audio Technica ATHPDG1 Headset.

    The first feature of this headset is the 40 mm super-large, CCAW voice streamers that have been specially tuned to produce all the bright and different sound quality and animation the games now offer.

    Face it, your headset may be incredibly unpleasant and greasy when you play for hours at a time. It might even get hot and it will certainly prevent you from progressing in the game.

    You have the solution with the headphones; a lightweight design made of a tide aluminum housing pattern that allows not only the sound to be proportionately general but also has a large design.

    So that your ore coolers are kept cooler for a longer time. We have next to the ATH-PDG1 with an extremely flexible 6-inch boom microphone that makes the dialogue between your in-game speech and other players the clearest possible.

    The 1.2-meter smartphone cable that we said earlier is the perfect quick cure for several reasons because it easily makes this Gaming Headset into the beloved one and goes into a pair of headphones.

    • Large-diameter 40 mm drivers with CCAW voice coils
    • Open-air design provides unrivaled sound quality
    • State-of-the-art, flexible boom microphone
    • Detachable smartphone cable with inline mic and controls
    • Ultra-comfortable headband and velour earpads

      04. Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR Over-Ear Open-Air Headphone

      Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

      Open-Air Over-Ear Headphones of top quality with 50 mm dynamic drivers. Headphones have been created for the best sound acoustic open-air devices to ensure both sonic and ergonomic criteria.

      Every Philips headset has a music style that blows your thoughts to the headphones. Excellent sound quality for a low-cost bargain today.

      The Philips Audio Fidelio X2HR is for high-resolution audio applications. The best way to generate high-quality music for music aficionados.

      This open-back design prevents the build-up of air pressure behind the driver to enable enough free movement of the diaphragm and substantially enhance sound transparency.

      The perfect quality of construction for a medium price. For this budget, I have found no better alternatives.

      The Japan Audio Society guarantees building quality. Neodymium magnet with LMC diaphragm, 50mm high resolution, and 40 kHz bandwidth for external production.

      At an attractive price, Philips X2HR has several good quality features. High comfort, good spatial effects, and pleasant tonality at low to low triples.

      But when you are sensitive as I am, the peaks come to you and come quickly to you. And again, the low-frequency distortion could be unpleasant, if you are like me and would like to listen loudly to a path or two.

      • High-resolution music
      • Signature style audio
      • Very comfortable
      • Best-Budget
      • The very muddy bass
      • The mids are muffled

      05. SENNHEISER HD 599 Open Back Headphone

      The Sennheiser HD 599 Headphones deliver the mature sound, With a bright midrange and a delicate and well-expanded triple.

      HD 599 also clearly looks like the size of the head belt doesn’t cause any problems and the lightness of the whole design is easily covered by the excellently curved shells with soft, velour pads.

      A unilateral 3-meter detachable cable led out of the right earmuff.

      It’s a shorter mobile edition of the wireless wire (1.2m) with simple remote control and an adapter from the large to the small jacket.

      You access the audiophile universe with HD 599. There, the high-end customized Sennheiser transducers will provide you with excellent ambient performance.

      You have probably listened to very good headphones. The HD 599 will provide you an overview. No turning back: please be advised.

      With an over-ear design, the HD 599 is open back. With the big ear cups, there is no stress on your ears, the sound alone. Only.

      So nothing will prevent you from listening track by track, learning what you haven’t heard from HD 599.

      HD 599 is about the quality you can hear, see and feel. Its structure is high-quality. From the brown stitches on the support to the metallic matt finish on the headband and ear cups.

      These tiny elements give an initial impression of substance and quality in HD 599, along with its timeless ivory coloring system.

      • Open back, around-ear design.
      • Wired Connectivity Technology
      • It has 38 millimeter and 50-ohm transducers
      • Soft, replaceable ear pads for enhanced comfort
      • Two cables included 3-meter detachable cable with a 6.3-millimeter jack
      • Two-year warranty
      • The highs too low and unclear
      • Price is not reasonable

      06. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Over-Ear-Stereo Headphones

      The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO is mostly for music lovers who can lose themselves in a pleasant environment while listening to music.

      One of the famous Beyerdynamic models is the new DT 990 headphones. This is the product of a German firm with the reference headphones specification.

      The introduction of innovation and the use of high-quality materials enables the audio to be communicated with the greatest clarity of dramatic dynamics and excitement.

      This product is appropriate since it is a neutral listening environment. DT990 PRO is the German manufacturer’s professional headphones.

      This product is appropriate since it is a neutral listening environment. DT990 PRO is the German manufacturer’s professional headphones.

      Even the most experienced music listeners find the remarkable quality of this brand. This model has become huge among creators of music, sound engineers, and broadcasters.

      The major reasons for the great demand for the DT 990 are three-dimensional acoustics and a unique level of wear comfort.

      Thousands of music fans around the globe choose this model and undoubtedly are extremely delighted with the quality.

      The DT 990 is available worldwide in studios. These headphones play with incredible precision and detail the whole available bandwidth.

      The new model is not simply suitable for music listening. The DT 990 is used by many helplines.

      Built for discriminating home users, the DT 990 is the right choice for high-quality headphone users.

      This high-grade product represents the tradition of Beyerdynamic, combining the greatest quality sound with the best materials.

      This business is long known for its flawless manufacturing. This is confirmed by several of our customers in their surveys.

      The stylish headband guarantees excellent comfort. The modular design allows all elements, including ear cushions, to be replaced.

      The components of DT 990 can be interchanged and sold independently. Good accessibility of parts ensures that headphones can be utilized throughout the next years.

      DT 990 has an integrated 3.5mm small stereo jacket with a gold-plated adaptor of 6.35mm. New headphones are also available with a case.

      This indicates that while storage you may protect your item.

      In combination with a carefully adjusted frequency response, the reduced weight of the diaphragm and moving coil ensures a natural and balanced sound. To test such capabilities, order this item today.

      • 600 ohms impedance
      • Open design (ambient noise penetrates freely in and out)
      • Soft headband pad
      • Single-sided cable
      • Bass reflex system for excellent audio performance
      • It does not cancel noise
      • It does not get loud enougH

      07. Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset

      A fantastic example of how to get a better product is the Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X. The amazing sound and the ultimate comfort are developed.

      Thanks to its analog audio wires the PC37X provides a slimmer design, better drivers, and more versatility.

      The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X is an unbelievable variant that offers red highlights for this latter headset for a basic but attractive all-black appearance, which will merge into each arrangement.

      The headset delivers an open-back ear-cup design of the signature from Sennheiser which permits massive sound at the expense of some audio flame.

      I have been using my PC37X for about a week as my daily working headphones and I’m not finding myself replacing it in the near future.

      The 37x is a comfy headset, a smooth but intricate fit on my earrings and headband thanks to the nice plum cushions.

      You can buy the Sennheiser’s PC37X for its most important cause. You know that Sennheiser doesn’t worry about sound quality.

      The headset offers a large sound level with narrow highs and clearly low frequencies, which is open on the back.

      The most popular games now have their own inbuilt sound processing, with the added angled sound drivers from Sennheiser PC37X.

      The result is a headset that sounds fantastic without fussing but could put off freaks like specific settings.

      The Sennheiser PC37X headset features an over-the-ear design with a frequency response of 15–28,000 Hz, in a more technical sense. The impedance is 50 € at 116 dB of sound pressure.

      The headset Sennheiser PC37X is really a fantastic deal. Normally you would have to pay much more to attain this kind of performance and sound quality but fortunately, Massdrop’s collaboration gave us gamers an incredible price.

      • Excellent comfort
      • The Mic works very well and is more full-ranged than most gaming headsets.
      • The Mid is damn near perfect.
      • Rich overall sound
      • Detecting where a sound and enemies are presented pretty good.
      • I find the fit pretty good with my glasses on even. They never feel hot.
      • Clear microphone
      • The flip-up mic to mute is fine. (not sure how long the switch will last)
      • Open back allows you to hear people in the room with you, doorbell, phone, etc.
      • Sometimes you feel very quiet range for volume
      • Music wasn’t enjoyable in these.

      08. Philips Audio SHP9500 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

      Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

      Looking for a nice combination of performance, comfort, and quality? These over-ear headphones are designed to listen a little to your place. You get superb sound, high-end build, and gold-plated wires.

      SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear Headphones from Philips Audio is ideal for movie and gaming.

      With an open back, 50mm neodymium drivers that provide a full range of sound and angled drivers that ideally match your ear, over the ear design for authentic sound.

      It features extra-comfort breathable head covers, an ultra-lasting steel headband, a convenient double-layer headband coil, 1.5m (4.9 ft) flexible cables, and a 3.5mm headband jack for cable switches or microphones.

      The sound-open architecture eliminates a building of air pressures behind the driver, enabling a more movement-free diaphragm which increases sound transparency while smoothing increased high frequencies.

      • 50mm neodymium drivers deliver a full spectrum of sound
      • 1.5m cable gives you freedom of movement for indoor use
      • Comfortable double layered headband cushion
      • Breathable ear cushion for longer wearing comfort
      • gold-plated Finishing of connector
      • Open acoustic system:
      • neodymium type Magnet
      • 32-ohm Impedance
      • Frequency 12-35 000Hz response
      • Non-replaceable ear pads
      • Sometime uneven treble response

      Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming Conclusion:

      Open-back headphones can offer a variety of advantages to improve your gaming experience. A lot of characteristics like 7.1 surround sound and hi-fi audio quality will let you feel enemies and sensitive.

      The lightweight and flexible structure of the open design also places less pressure on your ears and leads to expanded play routines.

      If you choose to game headsets, it depends on the individual player’s taste. The open headphones are perfect for the player who desires a natural sound, comfort, and cooling.

      Depending on what is important to you, the open-back headphones you choose.  I hope this guide and recommendation help you to make a better decision.

      Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming Buying Guide:


      You need a good microphone if you play a lot of multiplayer team games. If you use noise cancelation mics for these headphones that provide better speech transparencies by reducing ambient noise, you can achieve a better quality voice transmission.


      Most open-back headphones are more costly than regular varieties therefore you have to invest in such headphones if you want a decent guarantee coverage.

      All Sennheiser items are guaranteed to be of standard quality for 2 years. Before making a purchase, please check the guarantee details.


      Playing and making games nowadays is a passion and career choice. Gamers are streaming throughout their whole day.

      So, the headset you are buying must offer you great comfort, which does not harm or cause pain.

      The size of ear cups should sufficient to cover your ears very well and the advantage of the open design is that there are sound leaks that cause no ear tiredness.

      Sound Quality:

      Headphones that give 7.1 surround sound are particularly handy for shooting games for the first person as they offer excellent sound directional clarity for the location of enemies.

      You can boost your competitive edge and performance.


      Durability is also another consideration because you won’t have to buy another set again if you buy headphones, which isn’t at all cost-effective.

      You wish to select open-back headphones that are long-serving you. This is done through the performance of appropriate materials for the headphones.

      Also, make sure that the headphones are reliable and that your bag survives.

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