7 Best Studio Headphones Under 200 in 2021

7 Best Studio Headphones Under 200 in 2021

Want to buy one of the Best Studio Headphones Under 200??? if yes. Then you are in right place.

There we review that and these reviews will help you choose the best studio headphones under $200 that you can buy in the market.

We will be focusing on key features such as durability, comfort, sound isolation, and sound quality.

And most of them are suitable for mixing and recording. Even they are a fantastic way to listen to music. In any professional studio, a decent studio headphone is essential.

In response to different headphones, a studio headphone offers clear and high-quality sound, which may be mixed, tracked, or transmitted.

We will examine cheap to mid-term headphones with exceptional value for their price in this study.

Best Studio Headphones Under 200 in 2021 List

No. Image Product Name Price
01 01 AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Studio Headphones Amazon Price
02 02 SENNHEISER HD380 PRO Headphones Amazon Price
03 03 Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Studio Monitor Headphones Amazon Price
04 4 Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Open-Back Headphones Amazon Price
05 5 AKG K612 PRO Premium Studio Headphones Amazon Price
06 6 Sony MDR7506 Diaphragm Headphones Amazon Price
07 7 Shure SRH840 – Best Studio Monitor Headphones Amazon Price

Best Studio Headphones Under 200

01. AKG Pro Audio K271 MKII Studio Headphones Under 200

Best Studio Headphones Under 200

We start with a device with incredible sound quality, blended with some excellent unique design elements that make this a solid investment for those who want to expand their music output.

AKG is known for its excellent quality of sound, and the MKII is no exception. The unit has a range between 16Hz and 28kHz.

This range gives you complete control over your music, nothing is unheard of. This is coupled with a 55ohms impedance and you can listen without any loss of sound quality, at any level.

The MKII is equipped with an effective silent switch in the speakers that mutilates the sound automatically when the device is removed from the head.

This is ideal to avoid unexpected audio mixing during recording. The unit is closed, which creates a basis for sound insulation and prevents audio bleeding when listening.

The system is a 3-meter wired unit. However, the cord is separable and so the item is incredibly portable.

The unit has a controllable headband, which means there is no overgrowth when passing the unit about the studio.

  • A system is a wired unit, with a 3m cable
  • the unit is extremely portable
  • The headphones feature an adjustable headband
  • The amazing sound quality
  • The unit boasts a frequency range from 16Hz to 28kHz
  • No Significent

02. SENNHEISER HD380 PRO Headphones

Best Studio Headphones Under 200

The HD380 PRO has been upgraded to include all of the Sennheiser range on the market. The headphones may work in a larger frequency range.

It has a very good frequency response. Also, the sound reproduction level of the Sennheiser HD380 Pro has been increasing at all levels.

The headphones are also able to provide high attenuation, offering excellent sound insulation in loud conditions.

This professional headphone monitoring is designed to meet audio professionals’ requirements.

With its closed circulative design, the Sennheiser HD380 Pro headset provides a noise level of up to 32 decibels.

It is lightweight and comfortable to use regardless of how long the work takes.

It’s a very thin kind compared to the others with a unique-sided coil cable with a 3,5 mm jack connector and 1⁄4″ adapter with accompanying case.

With regard to building the headset, it is solid and comes with a 2-year warranty.

The headphones are suitable for most tablets and mobile devices of the newest generation. The comfortable ear pads are packed beside the equipment.

  • It comes up with an excellent response of frequency.
  • It also provides excellent sound reproduction at all stages
  • It provides noise isolation of up to 32 decibels.
  • It has a lightweight construction
  • It is also extremely comfortable to use no matter how long the work.
  • No Significant

03. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Studio Monitor Headphones

This comes from the same headphone series that was described twice before, as all models have many features in common.

But all models are listed on the finest headphones in the studio for less than $200. There are reasons.

This variant featured the same outstanding sound engineering and robust design and is equally affordable.

Compared to the ATH-M20x version, it has a somewhat higher sensitivity and response range.

This is a big center between the premium characteristics of the M50x edition and the more cost-effective M20x variant.

It includes collapse-free earrings like the M50x and the shapes of the rims are specifically designed to fit securely around your ears and prevent any ambient noise.

It comes with a nice traveling pouch, which is vital when you plan on hammering out ballads, so you can accept quite a lot of power (up to 1300 MW).

  • Affordable cost
  • Collapsible and the earcups can swivel
  • Accepts a high-power input
  • Wide frequency response range
  • Contoured design fits snugly around the ears
  • Basic sound insulation
  • Not as powerful as some other models

04. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Open-Back Headphones

Best Studio Headphones Under 200

Beyerdynamic has made premium devices that combine elegant design and comfort with outstanding sound quality. This device is my own top selection!

With a stunning 250ohm impedance, which is paired with Biodynamic’s devotion to quality sound reproductions, the DT 990 is a key aspect of any serious production studio with strong processors and processors. If you require the highest level of accuracy, it is it.

The case for the speaker is open-top, indicating that they operate better in an enclosed studio environment.

Mixed with the open-top sounds, the powerful sound quality enables you to fully understand how the audio performs in similar systems.

The padding of the speakers is designed for long editing sessions, with the headband adjustable and leather to give the greatest comfort during work.

The padding of the speakers The unit is connected, which means that audio disturbance, stuttering, or unexpected disconnections are not possible.

  • Headphones feature a staggering 250ohm impedance
  • It has a significant commitment to quality sound reproductions
  • They work best in enclosed studio environments.
  • The strong sound quality
  • Of the padding on the speakers is top quality velour
  • Not Sufficient

05. AKG K612 PRO Premium Studio Headphones

AKG K612 Pro is in the open-back headphone category and offers great professional sound monitoring throughout the sound control process.

The original diaphragm Varimotion technology offers a recognizable sound The headset is equipped with an adjustable, sturdy rivet headband with a lightweight overall design.

With an over-ear design, the AKG K612 Pro headset offers optimal comfort during lengthy operating hours.

The headphone technology is advanced and produces a spacious and airy sound.

The neodymium magnets are used to enable customers to customize sound levels while ensuring an ultra-low distortion of the transducer.

For decades, most audio engineers have lauded the AKG K612 Pro headphone. It not only gives lightweight feelings, it also provides optimal comfort. It strengthens AKG’s quality and is perfect for numerous uses.

  • It uses patented Varimotion diaphragm technology
  • It provides a completely unique sound.
  • The headphone comes along with an adjustable real leather headband
  • It also comes with solid rivets
  • It has an overall lightweight construction.
  • They are not wireless

06. Sony MDR7506 Diaphragm Headphones

This device delivers a strong dynamic response and a significant range of frequencies. It might not be as good as the prior version if you are seeking pure power and raw hardware capacity.

The rare horizontal drivers of only 40 mm are rather smaller. This however is more than sufficient for most niveaux and more than makes for advanced circuitry and crisp sound.

The response has a large frequency, between 10 Hz and 20 kHz. This is practically the same as for humans in the frequency range, therefore no bass or higher notes should affect you.

It remains an excellent linear response and free distortion throughout this full spectrum. If you need to connect to several strange ports, this includes a 1/4 adapter.

Gold-taped connectors ensure interaction with other pre-amps or monitors without noise. The overall design is robust and durable enough to live on the go or in a safe home studio.

  • Excellent hardware including rare-earth drivers
  • Rugged, portable design
  • High-density sound insulating foam rims
  • Gold tipped 9.8-foot cable and adapter
  • Wide frequency range from 10 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Drivers are slightly smaller than competitor models
  • Case sold separately

07. Shure SRH840 – Best Studio Monitor Headphones Under 200

Best Studio Headphones Under 200

Re SRH40 headphones for professional monitoring are specifically designed. They are famous for their detailed midrange, long-lasting heights, and deep bass.

The sound signature has been modified to make these headphones one of the best studio headphones under 200 for vital monitoring or studio record.

These Shure headphones come with removable cables that increase the headphone lifespan because if the wire gets damaged, you may replace the cable.

These headphones’ earpads are well-padded and removable, making them extremely personalized.

The headband of the headphones is wide and well-padded so that you can use these skills without hearing strain or irritation of your ear for lengthy studio hours.

The back design of these headphones reduces background noise, so you can concentrate without becoming disturbed.

The noise insulation is premium on these headphones which enables better monitoring of the sound.

The voice on these headphones is true, making them one of the best headphones in the studio under 200. On these headphones, the bass and triple responses are beautifully matched.

  • Case included
  • Noise isolation
  • Detachable cables
  • Replaceable ear pads
  • Neutral sound signature
  • Wide frequency response
  • Amp needed for best performance
  • Better options available at this price range

Best Studio Headphones Under 200 Conclusion:

We look forward to finding the Best Studio Headphones Under 200 to fulfill your needs. Music creation is one of the most satisfying activities.

There is no finer sensation than to sit and hear your own creation playback. If you are one of the thousands who look for premium crystal-clear headphones, these headphones are great.

We wish you every success in the world in this respect! Happy shopping. – Happy shopping.

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