Top 6 Cat Ear Headphones With Mic USA 2021

Top 6 Cat Ear Headphones With Mic USA 2021

Do you want to buy affordable, good sound quality, well build quality, and noise cancellation Cat Ear Headphones With Mic?

Yes, this is the right place where you can guide how to buy and where to buy the best cat ear headphones.

When you want to buy a good headphone, you find a lot of headphones. But when you want to buy cat ear headphones with the mic

Top 6 Cat Ear Headphones With Mic USA 2021 Table:

No. Image Product Name Price
01 Cat Ear Headphones with Mic 01 Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones View Amazon
02 Cat Ear Headphones with Mic 02 Razer Kraken Kitty Cat Ear Gaming Headphones View Amazon
03 Cat Ear Headphones with Mic 5 Honutige Cat Ear Headphones With Mic View Amazon
04 Cat Ear Headphones with Mic 4 TCJJ Cat Ear Wireless Headphones View Amazon
05 Cat Ear Headphones with Mic 03 Tititek Light up Headphones Cat Ears Headphones View Amazon
06 Cat Ear Headphones with Mic 6 Razer BT Kitty Edition Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones View Amazon

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These headphones are one of the best collections in the market that is available right now and budget-friendly. Also, it has some amazing features that we describe in the article.

Most of the cat ear headphones are on-ear ones, so you must ensure that the size should be comfortable and make sure that the battery life is long-lasting, in one charge.

If you want to look cute while enjoying your music, game, video streaming, online class, then cat ear headphones are the best option for you.

They also have varieties of colors LED light flashing which make awesome looking and these headset budget friendly with this premium look. Let’s begin with our cat ear headphones review.

01. Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

Cat Ear Headphones with Mic

If you want to find a Party oriented/birthday gift for family or friends or your kids, it will be a good choice for them. Because it’s an Enough level of lovable and fashionable.

These Bluetooth headphones you can use for a variety of occasions, whatever you are at a party, show, classroom, birthday, or job.

LuckyU-Wireless-Bluetooth-Cat-Ear-HeadphonesFor a more budget-friendly, at the same time these headphones complete with 7 colors LED lighting options.

This headphone is made with soft earcups that can easily be folded. It provides high sound quality and also has an in-built mic.

Bluetooth V4.2 can be connected to all smartphones and tablets, iPhones,iPad, Samsung, Android Phones, computers, and so on.

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Bass response is great and sound is crystal clear and it’s also appropriate for children.

Maximum sound 85 decibels that is alright for kids ears and 7 Colors LED Light Flashing that is looking awesome.

It’s sound safe for all ages child and its adjustable with their head and also fit well.

They can easily enjoy their party in their own way. Its colorful cat ear makes party and occasion outstanding.

Key Feature:

  • Wireless gaming headset,
  • Cosplay fans
  • Stereo Headset
  • 7 colors LED light flashing glowing
  • Bluetooth V4.2
  • Adjustable Headband
  • 3.5mm interface cable
  • Support AUX input
  • Built-in 300mA lithium battery
  • Bass responsive

  • High sound quality
  • Suitable for Internet Bar
  • The lights look nice
  • 30mW Output Power
  • 20Hz-20kHzFrequency
  • 3hours Charging Time
  • It isn’t very durable
  • Customers have complained that it breaks easily.

02. Razer Kraken Kitty Cat Ear Gaming Headphones

Cat Ear Headphones with Mic

The headphones are maybe a little bit large earmuffs but its comfortable to use. The Lightweight Aluminum Frame is not disappointing the user.

These headphones have a drawback that is it’s not available foldable design that’s why you can feel comfortable when you carry them.

The noise cancellation feature also makes it premium because this feature breaks all the background noise.

The box also has an undetachable USB audio cable that connects with PC, Mac, and smartphones You can enjoy surround sound when you connect these headphones with your pc.

The stereo sound feature is available for Ps4 that means when you connect to ps4 you can enjoy this.

The volume controls buttons are located on the left cup. The left cup also has a retractable ANC mic and there has the on/off switch on the top.

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The sonic build quality is very immersive. It’s perfect for gaming, especially when used on Windows PC because you can adjust sound anytime, select a surround sound by using apps.

You can easily customize the lighting by using their Razer synapse apps, but it allows you some basic customization options.

If you want more options, you can download the Streamer Companion app and you can easily adjust every single lighting effect.

The mic is their biggest highlight. The mic performance impressive and the sound delivers clear.

Key Feature:

  • Retractable Active Noise Cancelling
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Works with Alexa
  • THX 7.1 Surround Sound Capable

  • It has a Noise-canceling mic
  • It also has THX Spatial 7.1 surround sound system
  • It is connected with every smartphone, laptop, and computer
  • It’s available best headset for gamers
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is fit well in earcups
  • Some issue face in Microphone
  • It isn’t very viable

3. Honutige Cat Ear Headphones With Mic

These headphones, made by HONUTIGE, this brand one of the best headphones production brands on the market.

These Wired headphones complete with excellent sound quality, durability, and a design with unique color, perfect for kids and adults wearing.

It comes with Foldable Design features with a lovely cat ear design and fancy RGB lights. The headphone designed with unique colors, that looking premium and attract all ages people.

It’s best for Sports, exercise, and travel because it’s foldable and the Frequency response is well that’s why you can easily carry it anywhere.

It comes with a holiday-style design which can be used at all times or any occasion.

Key feature:

  • It has an in-build Microphone
  • Adjustable headband
  • It’s best for Sports-and-exercise
  • USB connectivity
  • Foldable
  • Lovely cat ear design
  • Fancy RGB lights
  • 3.5 Audio cable
  • Comes in 5 different colors

  • Suitable for office work
  • It is best for sport and traveling.
  • It has a 3.5mm jack
  • It has a resistance of 32 ohm
  • Has a maximum sound cap of 115 dB
  • It has a Frequency response range 20Hz-20KHz
  • It is not very durable
  • User complain it’s not longlasting

4. TCJJ Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

Cat Ear Headphones

The TCJJ Cat Ear Wireless Headphones come with an in-build microphone, High-fidelity sound quality technology.

In-built mic gives you to enjoy hands-free calls and unlimited music.

It comes with a foldable design, which helps to save place. It also has an awesome color combination with Black, Pink, and Purple which looking gorgeous.

The soft cushioned earcups ensure your comfort when you used them for long periods of time.

This glowing LED light headphone has a 400mAh battery which is rechargeable and can provide simply charge 2-2.5 hours, and last up to 10 hours.

Its noise cancellation feature is very well. You can use these headphones with any smartphone, tablet, iPad, iMac.It has an adjustable headband, and one size fits most.

Key Feature:

  • 3.5mm Jack Aux Cable
  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0
  • It has an in-built microphone
  • High-fidelity sound quality
  • It also has LED Light Up
  • It comes with purple cat ear headphones

  • It has a clear sound & bumping bass
  • It has a foldable design which helps in an easy carry
  • It comes with a standard 3.5mm jack Aux Cable
  • It Simply charges 2-2.5 hours and lasts up to 10 hours.
  • It is suitable for both kids and adults.
  • It works with every smartphone, tablet, and any other Android device
  • It’s not viable
  • User says it’s broken too early

05. Tititek Light up Headphones Cat Ears Headphones

Cat Ear Headphones

The Tititek Light-up Headphones Cat Ears Headphones are provided premium build quality and great sound quality.

It has been designed with Keep an eye on kids safety with the volume limiter. It is made with multifunctional volume controls which helps to cap sounds at a minimum of 74dB and a maximum of 94dB.

It’s the evolution of kid’s headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 headphones feature a lovely cat ear design and fancy LED lights make it gorgeous.

Ans also the great sound quality and a cute, fun, kid-friendly wonderful eye caching design give this new creature.

Your little prince/princess will love these children’s headphones.

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It also has an in-built microphone which allows you to enjoy hands-free calls. The adjustable headband has cushioned earcups and also soft silicone that helps to provide a comfortable fit in-ear.

It is also extremely comfortable and the 3.5 mm audio cable is completely tangled-free.

It comes in IsolatingWireless modes. The wireless mode has a 500mah rechargeable lithium battery capacity.

The battery has about 45-hour music and talks time with every charge. When the battery down, you can easily plug in the 3.5mm jack.

Key feature:

  • It comes with IsolatingWireless
  • It has an in-build Microphone
  • It easily Adjustable headband
  • It’s best for Sports-and-exercise
  • Also available USB connectivity
  • It has a standard 3.5mm audio cable
  • Suitable for kids aged 3-16
  • It comes in Black, Blue and Pink colors.

  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0
  • It comes with a 500mAh battery capacity
  • It also available 8-10 Hours Listening time
  • It provides 2.5 hours charging time
  • You can use 45Hours easily
  • They provide a 10M Bluetooth receiving distance
  • It has a foldable design which makes it easy to carry
  • Noise-Isolating remove background noise
  • Sometimes one side of the earphone may stop working
  • It needs extra care because it’s not durable

06. Razer BT Kitty Edition Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones


This is one of the most long-lasting and well-equipped cat ear headphones that are currently available in the market.

This cute little Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition headphone not only an adorable cat design but also an impactful bass sound.

It comes in wireless modes. The wireless mode has a 500mah rechargeable battery. The battery has about 20 hours (with LED lights on) and 50 hours (without LED lights on) per charge.

Comfortable cushions and decent sound quality makes these headphones premium.

This headphone is made with soft earcups that can easily be folded. Stretchable fit feature making it suitable for both children and adults.

It provides an impactful bass sound and also has an in-built mic. The interesting part is, it connects with every device like a smartphone, tablet, iPod, iPhone, and also Android phone.

They also provide a 12-month replacement warranty and also have a 24-hour customer support system.

Key Feature:

  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0
  • It has 40ms Low Latency Connection
  • It also has 40mm Drivers Custom-Tuned
  • It provides Beamforming Microphone
  • It has a micro USB charging cable.
  • It provides an impactful bass sound
  • It comes with only Pink color

  • It provides for usage of 20 hours (with LED lights on) and 50 hours (without LED lights on) per charge
  • It’s not too tight
  • The cushions are comfortable.
  • It has a decent sound quality
  • It’s very comfortable on your head
  • It’s not noise canceling
  • It doesn’t have any USB plug

Cat Ear Headphones Conclusion:

These headphones make great options for your daughter, son, or for you, but you should attend and careful that we aware when you buy headphones.

With these wired and Bluetooth options, you can use any headphones across a wide range of devices.

They also have a volume control, and cushions earmuffs which is a plus point for your kid’s sensitive ears.

If you carefully follow our buying guide and choose headphones we guarantee that you must choose the best headphone and that give you long-lasting support. All the reviews help you to find your next great pair.

Cat Ear Headphones Buying Guide:

01. Sound Quality

Drivers are the most important thing in headphones so if cat ear headphones use the cheap driver you can’t expect good bass, high sound quality, and incredible reproduction.

So you must concentrate on what kind of drivers they use. Also, you must aware of Kid-safe volume-limiting technology because the cat ear handset focuses on kids that’s safety first.

When you buy these kinds of headphones you must notice that are they give you this security.

02. Build & Design

When you see this kind of feature then you can decide that these headphones’ build quality is good.

You must check are they use PU or Silicon leather material when they made these headphones.

Secondly, are they use Flexible ear cups because it helps to broken-resistant. Then Adjustable Headband and foldable feature because its helps in easy carry.

Also if you are a color lover then you should check out that what kind of color and LED lighting varieties they use.

03. Noise Cancellation

Nowadays noise cancellation feature is one of the best features because our surround make a lot of noise and this feature helps us to break this noise.

Some experts classified headphones by their noise cancellation feature.

They thought when headphones have noise cancellation that headphones can easily produce clear sound and drown out any other background noise.

04. Battery Life

Every headphone must have a limited battery life because we use our headphones randomly.

That’s why we need good battery life. Battery life depends on what type of headphones you buy or your price.

This factor matter for headphones because good headphones need a handsome amount of money and a reputed brand.

So when headphones have 4-9 hours of playtime Availity then you can buy these headphones because this lifetime is good for a user.

05. Fit and Comfort

Size is one of the brutal factors when you buy headphones for your child because they have small and soft ears.

So that they need feet and ear comfortable headset. when you buy you should concentrate on this.

A good fit of headphones can give them better sound and comfortable. Also, you should take care of their safety feature.

If you buy large earmuffs then can’t feel comfortable wearing this. Is this wireless or wired it does not matter you should attend their key feature that what kind of material, fusion, cuffs, drivers they use.

when you take care of this feature you can buy better quality headphones that give you long-lasting support.

Frequently Ask Question:

Is cat ear headphones safe for kids:

Obviously, ear safety measure is cat ear headphones first priority that’s why they can make safety first. That’s why they use a maximum of 80-96 decibels sound that is best for kids ear.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Wireless?

Cat ear headphones are available in both wireless and wired forms. Many brands include Bluetooth capabilities while they adjust a standard headphone jack.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Gaming friendly?

Yes. Many companies in the gaming industry have developed cat ear headphones that you can use for gaming purposes.

There are some top brands include in this sector such as Somic, Razer Kraken, and MindKoo and they give users good quality headphones.

Are cat ear headphones available removable microphones facility?

Yes, nowadays many cat ear headphones also come with removable microphones, That’s why anyone can use them to listen to music, Serial, or watch a movie without having a mic in the way. Simply you can adjust the microphone when you need to use it.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Comfortable?

Of course. Everyone needs comfortable head-h0nes and cat ear headphones give them proper support. These headphones also ensure a flexible, and foldable;e design which helps to carry anywhere.

Who Should Buy Cat Ear Headphones?

Cat ear headphones are best for the party, Christmas and that’s why a different group of people can relate to these headphones easily. Kids, adults, or younger people can wear these headphones for their need purpose.

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