Top 8 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones USA 2021

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones USA 2021

If you want to improve your listening to the next level, planar magnetic headphones are the best way to go.

They are often much more expensive than dynamically driven headphones, but they provide a lot cleaner and more detailed sound across a larger frequency spectrum.

We reviewed the 8 best magnetic planar headphones at the lower end of the price range to help you find the appropriate solution.

These can be very costly, so we have chosen versions that are more affordable to you.

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones USA 2021 List

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

01. Audeze iSINE20 In-Ear Semi-Open Headphone

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

Though the Audeze iSINE20 headphones are manufacture of plastic it is solid. They have a unique form and size, like two speakers with an IEM connector attached to the ear.

It has an unusual locking mechanism with a down cable, which means you need a clip to keep them in your ears.

These headphones give several of these functions if you want to receive a fantastic soundstage, feel the musical sensation and sound around.

Even at high volumes, they perform quite effectively, without errors. These headphones are acoustically built to give precision.

It employs flat magnetic technology, providing clean sound. The diaphragms utilized are indeed thinner than the human hair, thus 4 times larger than the ordinary headphone, faster response times, and a better listening experience in general.

  • Amazing clarity
  • The smooth and soft sound
  • Open and airy experience
  • Appealing aesthetic
  • Overall good package
  • Not that comfortable

02. MrSpeakers Ether CX – Best Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

The MrSpreakers Ether CX is a further set of attractive planar magnetic headphones. It is a simplistic design, but still, it looks fantastic.

The weight was kept down and at 394g with special intensity. The Ether CX is one of the greatest lightweight flat planar headphones that can be purchased.

This was completed with carbon-fiber driver housings and a simple headband that uses the optimum clamping force to attach the headphones.

Deep and soft pads offer good insulation, and lightweights allow you to wear them for hours.

The large braided wire is a major drawback of the design. Even if it is well covered, it is extremely steep and often prevents the use of a desk.

When you move around the woven material also collects quite a lot of microphone sound.

It has been possible for the MrSpeakers Ether CX to attain one of the “open sound” closed-back headphones.

Tonically, the ranges are quite well matched. The presentation is accurate, crisp, and tight, with excellent instrumental connections for closed headphones.

The beefier tone of the Audeze LCD-2 discussed above may be preferable to those looking for extended bass.

The Ether CX features a neutralizer sound profile that attracts more people depending on the camp in which you fall.

The bass is tight and tight; the sub-bass and mid-bass slam are not available at all.

The MrSpeaker Ether CX attempts to recreate the opening sound as closely as any manufacturer has done if you have to go back and forth. They get their place on the list for that reason.

  • Most open-sounding closed-back headphones.
  • Fans of a neutral sound profile will be happy.
  • Remarkably light.
  • Slick look.
  • Cable too stiff.
  • Bass heads will be disappointed.

03. HiFi Man HE-1000SE Over-Ear Planer Headset

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

HiFi Man HE-1000SE is an open-back headphone with excellent physics, speed, and resolution.

It is visually beautiful with a black headband and ebony wood trim. A specific metal alloy is on the headband, with a comfortable calf-skin material on the headrest.

The HE-1000SE is a simpler, more sensitive model.

The eardrum is spacious and the ear cuffs are so tightly attached that they are quite comfortable to wear, which is a surprisingly comfortable headset, despite the weight, with a leather headband weight of 440g.

The Hi-Fi Man pair of headphones has always focused on comfort. The HE-1000SE is clearly lightweight and distributed equally.

It weighs only 20 g, therefore constant listening is undoubtedly possible This headphone features a smooth, low-frequency presentation.

It has a superb texture, purity, and details in terms of its lower tone, making its sound more compelling and natural.

  • Nice quality and feel
  • Single-end cable feature
  • Increased efficiency
  • Excellent midbass
  • Crisp resolution
  • On the pricey end

04. Audeze LCD-2 Classic Over-Ear Open Back Headphone

The headphones resemble premium with a categorization of the audiophile level. It has large circle earcups that are designed with a strap headband.

With a densely braided XLR cable, they feel and look durable, with metal yokes that give emphasis to their enduring construction quality.

Thanks to its well-padded earcups, the Audeze LCD 2 classic is a comfy headphone pair.

While might be considered to be one of the biggest outdoors, the large earcups include soft leather fabric that feels really good on the skin.

These headphones are not that breathable, just like other planar magnetic headphones, even when they have an open design.

The larger PM drivers block airflow, therefore your ears may still feel warm after hours of listening straight, even if it has an open design.

However, there are better variants of the headphone than other closed-back or over-ear.

  • Great bass for its price
  • Well-built design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Expansive soundstage
  • Durable
  • Quite big

05.Monolith M1060 Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones

With their 106 mm magnet drivers, comfy ear pads, professional style, and a fair price.

Monolith M1060 Planar magnet headphones are a unique part of audio equipment that allows buyers to search for a superb, low-budget planar magnetic headset.

If you unexpectedly find any break these headphones in your hand at any time in the first five years, they will be replaced free of charge without any objection.

So if you, unfortunately, put the ear cups into a million pieces on the ground and walk on them.

Monolith will take care of you and replace them entirely since they really stand by their products.

They also offer a 30-day cash back promise to all their customers. So if you buy the headphones, you may bring them back and receive all your money back right from now.

Because they’re hard at keeping all your customers satisfied. They’re perhaps too heavy, too large, or just not fit on top of your ear right.

One reviewer noted that the box and ring around the earphone were cracked when it was pulled out of the package when he talked about happy consumers or disappointed in this situation.

Well, all she had to do was call the manufacturer, given that they were brand-new with a five-year replacement guarantee to make them aware of the problem.

They’d be happy to replace her broken headphones. Now she complained that the planar magnet headphones Monolith M 1060 were a little too weighty.

Well, with a 30-day money-back promise, she can return them as well, but don’t wait too long for the time to expire.

  • The size of the driver in the Monolith M1060 is 106mm.
  • It provides a holographic listening experience
  • Large, comfy ear-pads made of faux leather
  • It has a padded headband that is designed to keep you comfortable as you listen.
  • Too heavy and the wood ring cracked

06. Audeze LCD-4 Over-Ear Open Back Headphone

The LCD 4, the most suitable headphone pair for the market, features a planar magnetic headphone best definition – superb bass control and speed.

Audeze is proud of the 40 years of planar technology and hence of the result of Audeze LCD 4 with its innovative Double Fluxor Magnet Arrays, which are unique in the headphone world.

The magnets utilized on this headset are 1.5 Tesla, which is the most powerful open magnetic circuit record.

Stronger magnetic reflux is more controlled with low distortion of the diaphragm and therefore improved audio quality.

The LCD 4 has 30 years old wooden rings made of Macassar Ebony. There’s also a lightweight, leather textured, carbon fiber headband design.

From the previous LCD generation, the headband improved.

They vary from the Audeze LCD-1 lamb or microsuede leather and move to a carbon fiber headband that optimizes weight distribution while remaining lightweight.

Metal, wood, and leather are the headphones. Audeze LCD 4 is classified as open-back headphones of dark to warm tone.

The bass is excellent and has a good impact and can go up to 5 Hz.

  • Attractive design
  • Dependable soundstage
  • Good instrument separation
  • Good comfort level
  • Durable construction
  • Quite pricey

07. HiFiMan Ananda Planar Magnetic Headset

A superb pair of headphones with better harmonic distortion of the midrange of HiFiMan Ananda.

It’s a neutral listening, open-back headphone. It has a good audio quality for all genres, good bass content, and an exact instrument description.

They have the same design as the Sundara, a metal headband that makes the head feel a little tighter.

Sadly, as opposed to other pairs of headphones, they still feel large and substantial. The sound waves of this headset are perfect for a frequency response test.

It is less than 3dB in the bottom range, this result is faint and visible in comparison with some back-closed headphones.

This shows a stronger bass-scale magnet sound. All in all, their low bass performance is really strong, particularly as the headphone is open.

  • High Sensitivity
  • Ultra-Thin Diaphragm
  • Window Shade Grill Design
  • Asymmetrical Ear Cups
  • Unparalleled Portable Audio Performance
  • Not Significant

08. Thieaudio Phantom – Best Luxury Planar Magnetic Headphones

Last but not the list, we have got the mid-priced Thieaudio Phantom open-back headphones from Linsoul.

You firstly note that they are similar to Beyerdynamic headphones. Their design. The grille and the style of the lids recall the German manufacturer very much.

The driver’s rings were made from Black Walnut wood, which provides a luxurious feel to the overall. The metal components are handcrafted with a superb finish and look to last.

The plush velvet earpads and a cushioned headband should offer good comfort. But after a few hours, the headband pushed our head down to the uncomfortable level.

For everyone, that won’t be the same. There was no problem for a young woman in our office who has a significantly smaller skull.

But other parts of this list have better quality available, also at a reduced price. What you get here is a pleasant sound profile that responds well across the frequency range.

If the balance has a complaint, the mid-range is a little too advanced in the blend.

Similarly, voices and instruments are well separated, but if we are critical, they may sound more recessed. And we are. And we are.

  • Premium materials used.
  • An enjoyable sound profile.
  • Mids are slightly too prominent.
  • Comfort for large heads debatable.

Best Planar Magnetic Headphones Conclusion:

You must be mindful of the price to the sound quality ratio while choosing the best Planer magnetic headphone for your use.

The comfort factor also plays a key role. Consider a lighter one if you are searching for a headset for long periods of time.

The second thing that you have to take into account is the balanced quality of the sound.

When you choose one, it could be pretty tough to read the review and be in a better position to make a good choice because each one has a different combination of characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks.

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